Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New York Papers, Smart

Or not. In honor of the late FJM, I offer up this tidbit, passed along by one of those insufferable Rangers fans (aka my brother-in-law, who isn't so bad for a New Yorker—he hates the Mets and doesn't like the Giants):

this is an article about marcus naslund finding a new start in new york. This is all well and good, but the picture in the article isn't even close to him. it's actually Paul Mara. What asshole can't tell the difference. God we have some fuckin morons working at some papers around here

And the picture in question (drum roll please) …

Hmmm … Google search "Markus Naslund" …

Well that doesn't look right. How about "Markus Naslund Rangers" …

Huh. All right, well surely it's him right, and not Paul Mara?

Ahh, New York Daily News, good for you.


  1. Nice, Thanks for the honorable mention. I figured you would jump at the chance to show when the press in NYC is bunch of retards and i have no problems with that the daly news hockey coverage has sucked some moose balls since the last beat writer left before this season started. And they did get the pictures right back then too. On a side note i must point out though that after the shootout win on monday night the Rangers are now 14-5-2 and holders of the second best record in the NHL. While there is still lots of hockey left to play and most people around here say the Rangers haven't yet played up to their full potential i could only counter with this. Imagine what we could be doing to rest of the league if we were playing up to that full potential!

  2. Yeah, and the Rangers have played about 18 more games than the rest of the league. Just saying.

  3. As of today here's the games played totals for the Atlantic Division:
    Rangers 21, Pittsburgh & The Fish Sticks 18 each & the Flyers & Debbie's 17 each. Now while we are ahead in games played over the rest of the division by 3 and 4 games, the bottom line remains that we still had to win those extra games in order to jump out to the lead that we got otherwise you guys or the Penguins would be in first right now. So i believe that people are selling us short on that one yes we played more but you have to win them either way or you going no where.