Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'd Swap Burrell for a Holliday

With new Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. saying the Phils weren't going to resign Pat Burrell before he could become a free agent, the speculation is that Burrell will be leaving town.

As sad as that might be given Burrell's up and down relationship that culminated with a World Fucking Championship, if this rumor is true, I'm all for forgetting about Burrell:

Rockies general manager Dan O'Dowd increased the likelihood Matt Holliday will be traded with his admission Wednesday he doesn't have to receive a proven starter in return.

O'Dowd is looking for the best deal, not the best pitchers, with multiple opposing executives predicting that Philadelphia and Oakland are the most likely trade partners.

"There is not much pitching in the market available. Period," O'Dowd said. "And any pitching we get will likely be projection pitching. Not that guy that has been there, done it. We are completely open-minded to anything."

Oh wait, it gets a little better:

The Phillies could be frontrunners for Holliday as they had plenty of talks with the Rockies about him back in July, but a deal could never be finalized. If Pat Burrell leaves via free agency the World Champs will probably be a lot more willing to meet Colorado's asking price.

Please Mr. Amaro, make this happen. Make this deal. My head is about to explode contemplating a lineup that includes Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard and Matt Holliday, not to mention Shane Victorino and company!

In in the infamous words of Nike, JUST DO IT!


  1. While this would work wonder for you guys, always remember with the Yanks missing the playoffs they will be sniffing around at any big name this offseason. And with the Yanks telling Abreau to shove his extension up his ass that leaves right field open for. Holliday would look nice there and have Matsui in left and see if Nady could play some center for us. Or try and trade Matsui and get another center fielder and leave Nady in left. Lots of options here

  2. But could Holliday and his chin-strawberry (I'm sure it's healed by now, that's just the last time the Rockies were relevant) take a more adorable photo then the one posted above?

  3. Well, come on, is anyone more photogenic than the Bat?

  4. I posted a comment on this a while ago but it didn't work...I'm not for this trade. Renting him for a year and giving up werth or victorino plus young pitching is a waste. If he goes to Saint Lou, him and Pujols in the same lineup is rediculous.

  5. Well, I certainly wouldn't give up Victorino and most likely not Werth. But I would give up Carasco, Marson, Donald, any number of prospects essentially.