Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hip to the Links

All right, I've finally caught up on my work for the day, so why not attempt to catch up on some reading around the Internet?

-First and foremost, everyone suspected something was up with Chase Utley after his power production dropped significantly after the All-Star break. Rumors of a hip problem surfaced, and today, they were confirmed. Chase Utley will undergo hip surgey and be shelved for 4-6 months.

-I love The 700 Level. I really do. But the addition of Dan Levy has really taken away from the good writing over there, in my humble opinion. Levy is great doing his podcast, but I really am not a fan of his writing. Maybe it's because Levy is a Broncos fan even though he grew up in the Philadelphia area.

-I think Pacman may be back. At least that's what I think he said.

-Via Deadspin, a place to get your Big 5 basketball fix, Big Five Post.

-Via The Big Lead, the best dunks of the Tip-Off Marathon.

-Yeah, this left me speechless too.

-Why Spence hates Michigan. It's long as hell, but it's good. Read it all. Here's a taste:

From an outsider’s perspective, Ohio and Michigan aren’t that different. Both states are pretty equally depressed, have similar weather and have their fair share of nastiness, both in population and scene. So why is it that somehow I’ve found the absolute, seething disgust to everything inside that fucking bonerholstering state? We have so much in common, and both suck so bad, shouldn’t I be able to form some kind of common bond?

No. Because Michigan sucks, that’s why.

-Sheed discusses the FreeDarko book, which my mailman refuses to leave in my mailbox, so I have to go pick it up some day. Except I work when the post office is open. And I won't be around on Saturday. Fuck the post office.

-Penn State players think they aren't running the ball enough. I agree, seeing as Royster has been tearing shit up this year.

-And finally, how about a Will Bynum dunk from the 10-man rotation.


  1. Why the hell did Utley wait solong after the series to get this done? He should have pulled a Paterno and gotten it done the day after the parade. Even better if the the parade ended with him going to the hospital. We need this man.

    On a side note, Does anything smell worse than a fart in the shower?

  2. Well, apparently they wanted to see if it would heal a bit on its own. It did not. And yes, nate's shoes.