Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Balls on the Dude

I have to tell you, it's great having a Philadelphia boy running the largest sports blog in the world, because he always seems to be interested in entertaining the Philadelphia faithful when he can.

The Balls stumbled across another Lenny Dykstra interview, this time after a court hearing.

Yesterday, Dykstra appeared in a Manhattan courtroom to fight over $139,000 owed to him by a Manhattan accounting firm. Luckily, some one stuck a tape recorder in his face after it ended:

• [They] folded like Mitch Williams in the ninth," Dykstra said about the firm that sued him as he made reference to a former Phillie teammate who served the winning homer to the Blue Jays' Joe Carter in the '93 World Series. "There was no case. There was nothing."

Making fun of Mitch Williams, just another reason I love Lenny.


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