Friday, November 7, 2008

Your Weekend Menu

The weekend is upon us, and tonight, there are no sporting events of note for Philadelphia franchises. However, there are some NBA games on note, specifically Allen Iverson's Detroit debut as the Pistons take on the Nets in Jersey.

Other games to watch include: Toronto at Atlanta, Beasley/Wade vs. Duncan/Parker, Nash vs. Rose and Dallas crashing Denver in Billups's welcome back party.

Tomorrow, Penn State takes its undefeated record to Iowa in a clash with the underrated Hawkeyes at 3:30, and the defensively challenged Flyers take on the Lightning at the Wachovia Center at 7.

And Sunday, well, the Eagles have what you can call a pretty big game against the NFC leading Giants at the Linc. At 8:15 no less. This should be a good one.

I know everyone is talking about stopping the Giants' running game and the Eagles protecting the quarterback, but my biggest question is can Asante Samuel contain Plaxico Burress? If there's one thing we've learned since Plax has become a Giant it's that Sheldon and Lito sure as hell can't cover the man. So it's up to you Asante.

Oh yeah, and Jim Johnson, enough of this Asante is a left corner shit. His ass better be shadowing Plaxico Sunday night if you want to win. You paid him like a shutdown corner, so he better step his game up like Champ Bailey and Nnamdi Asomugha. Those two don't get scared. They cover the other team's best wideouts and attempt to take them out of the game, no matter where they line up.

If Asante can't do that, what the hell did you pay him so much damn money for?

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