Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No Time to Think? Link.

I've been insanely busy yesterday and today at work, so I haven't really had any time to think, let alone write. But, I have decided to take a little time out of my day to attempt to dole out some links, and at the same time screw myself by procrastinating my work even further.

So enjoy.

-The Andy Reid School of Clock Management

-Remember that time Chris Gocong actually did something?

-This bitch is suing Larry Johnson.

Yeah, I'd spit on her.

-Watch a little kid get tackled hard.

-The Phils are making moves, like resigning Scott Eyre and Jimmy Williams elected to not return next year.

-Carlos Carrasco is looking pretty good these days.

-CC to Jeter: "Think I'll fit in considering my A-Rod-like playoff results?"

-Grades for the offense and defense for Penn State vs. Iowa:

Defensive Coaching: C-

Angry. Very, very angry. Angry at the soft zones. Angry at blitzes that practically never work. Angry at the personnel choices. Angry that the team can't generate a pass rush when it's most needed.

-Quite possibly the worst personal foul hit ever:

-Obscure Eagles jerseys at the Linc Sunday.

-Yeah, Fuck Duke!

-Brad Lidge gets robbed, Tim Lincecum wins NL Cy Young.

Not that Lincecum isn't worthy, but, uh, Lidge was perfect in save opportunities, nearly unhittable and was the missing piece to propel the Phillies to win the World Series.

-You Got Dunked On. Check out Philly's own Hakim Warrick at No. 3:

-And just passed along by my roommate, this snippet from John Smallwood:

In the 2005 draft, the Eagles passed five times on 265-pound running back Brandon Jacobs, who gained 126 yards against them Sunday.

The Giants picked Jacobs 110th overall. The Eagles, who took Mike Patterson and Reggie Brown with their first two picks, selected linebacker Matt McCoy at 63, diminutive running back Ryan Moats (77) and safety Sean Considine (102) with Jacobs and Dallas running back Marion Barber (109) still on the board.

So yeah, nothing like taking Brown (stinks), McCoy (sucked balls), Moats (retarded) and Considine (worst safety ever) than drafting Jacobs (Pro Bowler) or Barber (Pro Bowler). Nice work, Andy.

-And finally, because I'm still not ready to move on, your WORLD FUCKING CHAMPIONS!


  1. i see you didn't miss a chance to talk som shit on the yankees there with the CC-Derek story. Don't worry the Yankees will take back that trophy within the next couple of years. While i still respect the Phills for finally winning something we're coming to take back what's ours very soon. If Cashman makes the right moves it will get done.

  2. Making fun of A-Rod, not the Yankees. Although, to be fair, the Yankees stink and the Phils are World Fucking Champions.

  3. yes the Yanks did suck moose balls last season and i place 99.9% of the blame on GAYROD. And yes the Phills are champs as of now and have bragging rights till the next W.S. is over. Which if all goes right should be in the Bronx once again!

  4. Was that Koy detmer flopping around out there?