Wednesday, November 5, 2008

World F-ing Champion Gold Gloves

Not only are the Philadelphia Phillies World Fucking Champions, but they also are getting rewarded for their tremendous defense.

The 42-year-old pitcher won his record 18th Gold Glove on Wednesday while outfielder Shane Victorino of the World Series champion Philadelphia Phillies was among five first-time winners in the National League.

Slick shortstop Jimmy Rollins joined Victorino from the Phillies, winning for the second consecutive season.

It's great to see the voters finally use some common sense. Shane is the best defensive centerfielder in the NL, no questions asked. His speed allows him to get to about 40 percent more balls than Aaron Rowand ever could, and his arm is just flat-out amazing. Remember that walkoff throw-out at home in Atlanta? Brad Lidge sure as shit does.

And who can forget this in game 2 of the NLCS?:

Congrats to Shane on the first of what is sure to be many Gold Gloves.

And Jimmy, well, is Jimmy. He went too many years getting passed over when he is simply the most steady fielder there is at short. Maybe he doesn't have the range of Khalil Greene, and he's certainly no Omar Vizquel or Ozzie Smith in their primes, but he gets to balls most shortstops can't, and no one has a more accurate arm at position No. 6.

So congrats Jimmy and Shane, World Fucking Champion Gold Glovers.


  1. 1 world Series Championship, 1 Comeback Player of the year, 2 Gold Gloves and how about 1 MVP for Ryan Howard. This guy came alive at the end of the year and carried this team back into contention. He led the league in Homers and RBI's. So his average wasnt so hot, big deal. This is about run producing and he does it and did it better than anybody.

    I also want to say "So" long Taguchi.