Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stinking Linking

I gotta be honest with you people, I've completely checked out for the week. I'm ready for the Thanksgiving holiday, and there's still another whole day of work. Man, this is the slowest three-day week ever. Wait, what? I have to work on Friday? What the fuck is that shit? Where am I, communist China? Cocky-pop.

Anyway, yesterday on my ride home on the subway, I saw a bunch of black kids sprinting down the platform and up the stairs at the Race-Vine stop. A few seconds later, a middle-aged white guy started "sprinting" after them. I would really like to know what happened there. Unfortunately, I don't know the outcome. Now, onto the links …

-Les Bowen puts in his two cents on the whole Donovan benching business and brings the funny in his notes:

* Good to see Greg Lewis activated again for another stupid special-teams penalty, instead of Lorenzo Booker, which would have allowed Brian Westbrook to rest a little down the stretch. Hey, it's not like Westbrook is going to have to play again in a few days or anything.

* Shawn Andrews must be fighting extradition from California. The latest word is a return sometime this week, more than a month after back surgery. Yet the Birds aren't about to put Andrews on IR and use that roster spot for, say, a running back. Why would you do that?

-Domo does another fabulous job deciphering Andy Reid:

On whether the short week between games played into his decision to start McNabb against Arizona:
What Andy said: ``No.’’
What Andy meant: ``Yes.’’

-Ed Reed thinks Andy is out of his mind for benching McNabb:

“After the game I asked [Donovan] because I couldn’t believe it,” Reed said. “You know I was like, ‘Are you hurt?’ And he was like, ‘No.’ So for them to take a quarterback of his caliber and what he’s done for that organization . . . you know that’s a hell of a move.

“That’s like taking Tom Brady out without having knee surgery. He’s been to the Super Bowl, he’s been to NFC championships. You can’t put one particular game on one particular player, I mean even if he’s in a drought it’s tough to say, but he’s throwing the ball 50, almost 60 times a game. You’re asking him to produce, now come on, you’ve got to have a running game in this league, you have to have some sort of running game to help your passing game and vice versa. So you know he might be going through a little slump, but that’s no reason, after all the years he’s put in to just give up on a guy.”

It didn't hurt that Reed did this to the guy who replaced McNabb:

-Happy birthday, Donovan. While you will surely get killed by all the haters for your subpar season, I will always remember you fondly. You are the greatest quarterback in franchise history, and that will become painfully obvious next year when you are wearing another uniform. Go get yourself a Super Bowl ring, wherever that may be. You've earned it.

-Are the Sixers dancers the hottest of them all?

I don't know, but they sure are hot enough.

-Finally, Big Daddy Balls Drew tackles those insufferable Giants fans:

Fuck you, Giant fans. You iceball-throwing, chest-painting, mouth-breathing pizza slice folders. Die.

It's truly brilliant writing. Go check it out.

-An update on Flyers 2007 first round draft pick James vanRiemsdyk.


-Ron Artest is video blogging.

-I'm no fan of Michigan State, but this is funny:

Sports By Brooks found audio of Michigan State's Mark Dantonio ripping the Wolverines after his Spartans were drilled at Penn State:

"Dantonio quickly brushed off questions about being embarrassed with his team with the retort, '… embarrassing would have been to come into this game at 3-9.' "

And now, back to work. For a minute anyway.

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  1. That sure looks like Penn Treaty Park in that shot 4th from the bottom...what were you guys doing that day??