Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rich "I'm Not Hispanic" Rodriguez

What a piece of garbage this dude is. He leaves his hometown team (West Virginia) after promising that he wasn't going to leave to go to Michigan. Gives Michigan its worst season ever. (Personally I'm glad about this, but it's not good for college football.) Now after these 2 things he goes and tells the fans, whom support him and pay his freakin salary, to "Get a Life." Move over Jimmy Rollins. You have some company.

What has college football become or sports in general for that matter, when the head coach of one of the all-time top programs tells people they shouldn't care? If I was a Michigan fan I'd be calling for this guy's head right now. What a jerk. I think I may rather have Petrino for coach at this point. He may leave, but I don't think he'd tell the fans not to care.

In summation, Rich Rodriguez is a jerk. I think that with the talent on Michigan I could coach them to 4 wins. Also, if your last name is Rodriguez, you are Hispanic, like it or not.

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  1. I think Rich Rod should get a lifetime contract like Coach K at Duke. Anything to keep Michigan down.