Friday, November 14, 2008

Fire Joe Morgan Fires Itself

So I was just perusing The Fightins, as I'm wont to do, when meech hit me in the face with this.

That's right, Fire Joe Morgan is ending its run of brilliance. This is a very sad day in the world of sports blogs, to say the least. Now, meech did a better job summing up what everyone who enjoys sports and also enjoys humorously pointing out the faults of journalists is feeling right now.

It's a little depressing to find out one of your favorite sites will be no more. Well, not exactly no more. The site will still exist, with all the archives up, so I have no intentions of taking the link down. Fire Joe Morgan was/is the funniest, smartest blog I've ever read. If you've never been, start working on the archives. Trust me, it's worth your time.

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