Monday, November 17, 2008

A Worktime Nugget

So I'm at work right now and editing a story, and this really popped out at me:

"Remember this: The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result."

That reminded me of a certain someone …

And Donovan gets the KSK treatment from Big Daddy Balls Drew and Punter.

Yeah, he actually just said that.


  1. It's said that Donovan will have to be the scapegoat here. I agree he's been anywhere from mediocre to bad this season but you can say that about most of the other players on that team and with how disconnected/unprepared they were against the Bengals I think it all has to go back to Reid. Anybody else read that article in which Jonathan Joseph talks about how easy it was for the Bengals to prepare for the Eagles' offense and how predictable their routes/playcalling are? Are you effing kidding me?!?! The Bengals are 1-8...gameplanning should never be EASY for a team that bad yet Big Red makes it so. Problem is Banner and Reid, nothing changes until they go.

  2. Absolutely agree. Time is up on this entire core group. Need to move on and start from scratch. Starting with the coaches and management. This is beginning to feel an awful lot like the Kotite era.

  3. Donovan certainly wasnt very good, but the playcalling, give me a break. Andy should be toast, I mean he eats enough of it he should literally turn into toast. We all know that neither Reid nor Banner are going anywhere. Lurie is still making money and thats all he cares about. that might be all that andy cares about too. What I wouldnt give for an owner and coach who actually care about winning.