Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Lot to be Thankful For

Now that the Phillies have ended the drought and reversed the curse, I'm taking a new approach this holiday season. I'm shedding the Negadelphia approach and taking a positive outlook. Instead of using this holiday season as a distraction from my sports-related frustration and disappointment like I typically would, I'll use it to reflect on, appreciate, and celebrate that which is good in our lives.

Sure, we still have a lot to bitch about. Our beloved Eagles are in shambles, an absolute mess. They are on the borderline of being a laughing stock. Literally. I spent last Sunday afternoon with the Reverend and some other friends watching yet another pitiful performance by our Birds, and there were moments where we actually broke out laughing at what we were seeing. Beyond that, the Sixers and Flyers are wildly inconsistent, and performing somewhat under expectations that were heightened by the surprising playoff runs made by both teams last year. But enough of that stuff.

Let's count our blessings. The Phillies are world champions. World Fucking Champions, some might say. For the first time in a generation, we are home to a world champion. Just take a moment to take that in. That in itself is enough to cover up all the frustrations of the year.

But it doesn't stop there. Penn State just completed a phenomenal regular season, going 11-1, winning the Big Ten, and earning a spot in the Rose Bowl. They were a field goal away from playing in the national championship game. Beyond the great season, their second 11-1 season in the last 4 years, we also can appreciate the resurgence of the program and the fact that it was done on Joe Pa's watch and we can flip the bird to all them Joe Pa haters out there.

And there's more. I mentioned the Sixers and the Flyers and their struggles earlier in the post. Despite the struggles they are going through right now, they are both young, exciting teams that appear to be on the right track. Perhaps they will be giving us more to be thankful for in the near future.

One more team to mention, a team I have to mention or my dad would be greatly disappointed with me. And that is the basketball team from out on the Main Line. Coach Jay Wright has been building a strong program at Villanova. They have been consistently making the Sweet 16 and have been bringing in strong recruiting classes year after year. I don't know how good they will be, but there will be some good basketball getting played on the Main Line for the foreseeable future.

So sit back, reflect on the Phillies, dream about the potential of the Flyers and Sixers, appreciate that which we have to be thankful for, and enjoy your turkey. Oh yeah, and pray for the Eagles.


  1. I'm just thankful someone else has decided to show some initiative and write for once.

  2. haha, i bet you never thought that person would be me.

  3. you've officially been slotted in the top contributor spot. arkansas fred doesn't know how to spell or punctuate or write for that matter, and no one else writes enough, although everyone's contributions are appreciated.