Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blame Canada

Currently, the Flyers are sitting as the third seed in the Eastern Conference, leading the Atlantic Division. They have the fourth most points (51) in the conference and are playing as well as any team in NHL over the past couple months. Yet somehow, Jeff Carter was the only Flyer selected to the All-Star team.

Without question, Mike Richards and/or Simon Gagne should have made the team. Richards is among the NHL leaders with 42 points, is a plus 16, and leads the NHL in shorthanded goals with 4, tied with Gagne and Carter. Defensively, he's a stud, and he's certainly among the best players in the Eastern Conference. Same thing with Simon, although, I can understand with his injuries and missing games that he didn't make it.

Also, there's no doubt in my mind Kimmo Timonen should be on the All-Star team as well. He's one of the best defensemen in hockey. He's been tremendous offensively and defensively this year, and it's a crime he's not on the squad. Braydon Coburn also has a strong case, but reasonably, you can't expect too many guys from one team. I'd say the Flyers absolutely deserved three All-Stars, with Carter, Richards and Timonen. But they only got one. You know why? Canada, that's way.

Dirty Canucks stuffing the ballot box. Damn you.

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  1. Fuck the NHL they are so blatantly anti-Philly it's retarded