Friday, January 9, 2009

Reviewing the BCS

The first post I ever wrote for this blog detailed my dislike for the BCS. Last night the college football season ended with the "national championship" game. According to a bunch of computers and some other stuff (who knows how they actually figure this stuff out, I mean I don't even think the BCS people know). Florida is the national champion. Congrats.

Granted, the BCS did provide for a couple good games this bowl season. Texas-Ohio St. was a close, hard fought game with an exciting ending. And last night's "championship" game was very competitive. But when you're simply coupling top ten teams it isn't that hard to get good matchups, I mean I could have put all the top ten teams in a hat and just pulled names and came up with nice matchups.

On the other hand, we are still left with questions. USC got back on a roll after their loss to Oregon St. and we all saw the Rose Bowl (no further comment on that), but just imagine what a USC-Florida matchup would be looking like right now.

Then there is Utah. Now, I've never really been a believer in non-BCS conference teams. But Utah is undefeated and they beat Alabama, who is from the all-powerful SEC and who was praised as a championship contender all year. Don't they at least deserve a chance at the title?

Anyway I could go on and on about different teams and why they deserve a chance to play for the national title. The point is that this whole discussion could be avoided. Give us a playoff. I don't want to hear excuses about scheduling or the kids' schooling or any of the other B.S. that gets spouted out about why it is impossible. We have figured out many more complicated issues than this. A playoff would give us a few extra marquee matchups at the end of the year, like I said earlier imagine if we were looking forward to a Florida-USC matchup right now. A playoff would also let more than two teams have a shot at the title. It would also allow for more drama, more story lines, March Madness-style magic. Imagine an underdog Utah team making a run through the playoff and into the title game. All I'm saying is a playoff would be fairer for the teams, giving more teams a shot to prove themselves on the field. It would eliminate all these questions at the end of the year. And it would give the fans a few extra great games. It would be good for the teams, the fans, and the game of college football.

At least the NFL decides it on the field. Let's go Birds!

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  1. Seriously, can we all just agree to stop wasting our breath on this? It's not happening, so why even bother? A playoff would be great. I know it. You know it. The American people know it. But the NCAA and the schools don't care, so it ain't happening. Let's stop talking about it all the damn time.