Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Remembering Why I Love Video Games

In my younger days, I was a video game addict, especially when it came to sports video games. In high school, I must spent exponentially more time playing Madden and NBA Live than doing schoolwork or even sleeping. I'd often stay up until 1, 2 or even 3 in morning getting through the long and arduous seasons. And it was glorious.

Yeah, Daunte Culpepper really was on the cover.

Man, Stevie Franchise too? 2002 was an odd year.

Anyway, my video game skills hit an all-time high in college. Day in and day out, I would play hours upon hours of Madden, NBA Live, NHL and MLB. Shit, my roommates and I would play full 162-game seasons in baseball … numerous ones at that. I was a dominant Madden star back in the day, rarely succumbing to any foe. And let me tell you something, Toonces and I cannot be beat in NHL Hitz 2002. We are the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.

Well, once graduation rolled around, my days of playing video games quickly fell by the wayside. I started working a lot more, sleeping more regular hours and becoming a slave to the grind. Video games were quickly phased out of my life. And I missed them. I truly did. But I had lost my touch.

In an attempt a year or so ago to play Madden, a game I used to be nearly invincible at, I was destroyed by a foe I would have considered vastly inferior back in college. But he embarrassed me, and I haven't played video games very often since.

Well, that has all recently changed. With the addition of a new roommate to start the new year, another person wasn't the only thing that moved in. You see, he brought along his Playstation 3, and more importantly, NHL '09.

In the past week, my love of video games has been restored, but I have to admit, I completely suck at them now. NHL '09 is absolutely nothing like the older editions I had grown to love. No, there is no buttons to shoot, the right analog stick controls everything you do with the puck. Let me tell you something, that shit is hard to master. But I'm determined to do just that.

Adam EatShit and I have had some heated games in the past few days, and each game, I seem to gain a little better feeling for the controls. Hopefully, in short time, I'll be back to a dominant force. Right now, I suck. But I can assure you, my already pathetic social life is about to get that much more sad. My addiction is back. Video games have re-entered my life, and I have a feeling they may just take over.

If you've let your love of video games go unfulfilled like I had, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of NHL '09. Mastering the new variation is addictive and insanely fun. Welcome back to my life, video games. I've missed you so very, very much.

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  1. this story of the life of guys and video games applies to about 95% of all guys in general, myself included. I did go out and buy NHL2K9 when it came out and have gotten back into hockey. And it does take more getting used to in terms of controls and buttons i lost my first 5 or 6 games to the computer before i won one. Now it has come back to me and it's like the Alcoholic falling off the wagon. I love to sit down at night and play as many games as possible before forcibly making my self go to bed for the night. I have not played any Madden in the longest though that may have to be the next game i pick up. I would like to pass along a proposition to the Reverend and his house mates, we can all put in like 20-30 bucks and have an NHL tournament of some kind and the winner gets the pot. You down?

  2. I need to practice first. I admittedly suck at it right now.

  3. whenever everyone feels ready for it. i will admit i got a jump start on you guys since the day the game came out. someone there will have to prepare the rosters though so they are up to date when we play.

  4. i would assume though that the controllers for PS2 and PS3 are the same i hope since i'm still using PS2?

  5. Absolutely Amazing game. I have been going to a friends house to play it and it is all I want to do. I have been contemplating buying a PS3 for the past month because of it. That and Fifa 09.