Thursday, January 8, 2009

As If Winning a World Series Wasn't Enough

Jimmy Rollins got himself in a little trouble this summer when he said some unflattering things about Philadelphia fans.

Well, if winning a World Series wasn't enough to earn forgiveness from the masses, meech passes along the story of young James giving a young Eagles fan a helping hand, and totally redeeming himself.

The details, offered up by the one and only meech:

Philadelphia’s #1 source for repetitive music, Wired 96.5 FM, is currently running a contest on their Chio in the Morning show where the person who gets the biggest celebrity to call into the station would win a crispy pair of Eagles/Giants playoff tickets for this weekend’s game at the Meadowlands. According to station rules, this particular contest (which was done on The Howard Stern Show five years ago) officially ends tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock sharp. But thanks to a ballsy young gentleman named John Buto, they might as well end that shit right now.

Buto, a 17-year old high school senior from Gloucester County, NJ, had the bright idea of knocking on the door of Jimmy Rollins’ South Jersey mansion to see if the MVP-winning shortstop would do him the solid of calling in so he could win the tickets. Well, not only did Young James answer the door, but he invited the kid into his home and phoned the station on John’s behalf.

96.5 afternoon host Kannon (with a K!) took Jimmy’s call, verified that it was indeed the World Series champ and John Buto instantly became the front-runner for the Eagles tix.

That's pretty freakin awesome stuff if you ask me.

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