Sunday, January 11, 2009

So Let Me Tell You About My Weekend

How was my weekend? Well, let's just say spectacular doesn't even begin to describe it. You see, I didn't think on a personal level things could get much better than witnessing live the Eagles win a playoff game on the road, but oh, how wrong I was. On Friday night, my roommate walked in the door and asked if I wanted to go to the Eagles-Giants game. Of course I said yes, and for the second straight week, I traveled to the land of the enemy in the playoffs and came back victorious...but I'll get to my trip to the Meadowlands in a minute.

This was truly another glorious, glorious weekend, one that rivaled the epic 5-for-5 weekend in October. On Friday, the Sixers beat the Bobcats, extending their winning streak to 3 games, and then followed up with another victory today, making it 4 in a row. Suddenly, Andre Iguodala looks like a player again, and the team is showing signs of life.

Meanwhile, I was partying my ass off at an open bar at the Field House, followed by my grandmother's 75th birthday party Saturday and another party and open bar in Manayunk Saturday night ... you know, the night the Flyers won 4-1 thanks to two more goals by Jeff Carter.

Unfortunately, Villanova couldn't make it a perfect weekend. I watched every second of the Nova-Louisville game Saturday afternoon, and it was quite a battle. It's a shame that the Wildcats didn't win, because they really should have. Ironically, it was their foul shooting that did them in despite being a tremendous foul shooting team on the season and since Jay Wright has taken over.

Dante Cunningham, after a slow start, had a very nice game, although he did miss a bunny at the buzzer on that inbound play. Nova should have scored on one of those tips, but all game long they failed to convert on easy shots inside.

But the man I feel most for is Antonio Pena.

Pena played his heart out and was a big reason Villanova was able to come back from a sluggish start and have a chance to win. He played tremendous defense, hit the glass hard and showed a lot of aggression offensively. He also went just 6-of-14 from the free throw line, with most of those misses coming late in the second half. If he sinks just a couple, Nova wins. It was frustrating to say to the least, especially since Pena played so well otherwise and came in as a 70 percent free throw shooter.

But it was a great game, and I must admit, the Big East is scary tough.

Kind of like the Eagles' defense. Yeah, the defense that completely dominated the vaunted Giants offense with Eli at the helm.

Ah. After partying in Manayunk last night, I, along with Adam EatShit, our roommate and his two cousins left good old Philadelphia at 8:30 a.m. for East Rutherford, New Jersey, or as I like to call it, the shittiest place on the face of the earth.

On the way, we wound up right in the middle of the Eagles bus caravan, police escorts and all, and were extremely excited. Once we pulled in and found a spot right near some Eagles fans, the day was off to a stellar start. In fact, minutes after we parked and began to set up our tailgate, another group of Eagles fans pulled up and immediately ran over the Giants bean back toss stand of the Giants fans right next to us. Those fans weren't too pleased, but we were loving it.

A few cars away, a rowdy group from Upper Darby, donned in Wes Hopkins, Randall Cunningham and Brian Dawkins jerseys, were tuned up and letting the Giants fans have it. It was getting interesting already.

After eating some food, I headed in with my roommate and his two cousins to take our seats in section 330, row 29, seats 24-27. On the way, we got the business quite a bit from Giants fans, but really, it wasn't all that bad ... especially once we got to our seats.

Much to our surprise, our section was filled with about 20 Eagles fans surrounding us, with Giants fans all around as well.

You all watched the game, so you know how it went. It was a war for quite a while, but in the end, the Giants went the way of the Mets and choked as the No. 1 seed. John Carney played the role that David Akers usually plays in the Meadowlands, missing two of five field goal tries, while Akers was simply perfect.

In fact, the Eagles kicking game was phenomenal. Sav Rocca was killing punts, pinning the Giants occasionally and getting the Birds out of trouble. Akers was perfect, hitting long kickoffs and not missing a single kick.

The offense made just enough plays, as the offensive line handled the incredible Giants defensive front, keeping pressure off McNabb, who made some brilliant throws to move the ball.

But the game was frustrating early on. The Eagles offense wasn't doing shit, but the defense stepped up and made a play, as Asante got the pick and Donovan punched it in. But when the Giants took an 8-7 lead late in the first half, I was feeling uneasy. Giants fans were talking shit, and we all knew that with just one timeout and less than two minutes, the Eagles had no shot at regaining the lead before halftime. Only they did.

Somehow, some way, the Eagles ran a near perfect two-minute drill, marched right down the field and had the ball inside the 10 with 10 seconds left. A pass to DeSean Jackson in the end zone was just out of his reach, but the Eagles still got a field goal and took a 10-8 lead into halftime. Unbelievable. For the first time in 10 years, the Eagles looked competent, confident and good in the 2-minute drill. What a perfect time for it.

Still, things looked grim after McNabb's pass was tipped and ultimately picked by Fred Robbins, but the defense, like it did all day, was spectacular. The defense won that game, no doubt about it. All game long, they packed the box and would not let the Giants pick up the yards when it mattered most. Sure, New York moved the ball and had some success running, but they couldn't convert when it mattered. Like on fourth down and short. Twice.

The Eagles secondary was outstanding, as it has been all year, picking off Eli twice and taking the victory from right from the Giants.

After a tremendous drive by the Eagles that was capped by the touchdown pass by McNabb to Brent Celek, many Giants fans left right after New York failed to pick up the 4th-and-inches. It was a mass exodus, and all you could see was green everywhere. We were taunting a little bit, but moreso, we were basking the glory of defeating the Giants in their house for the second time this year. An entire section, 318, was filled to the brim with Birds fans. We were loud. We were noisy. And we were winners.

The game got so out of hand that Donovan had time to make a phone call.

Awesome. Our walk out was glorious. Eagles chants filled Giants stadium, and many a sulking Giants fan walked with their heads down in shame. As we were going down the escalator, an Eagles chant broke out and a Giants fan next to me said to his pal, "I fucking hate Eagles fans." Well, we hate you too, buddy. Have fun watching the second place Rangers while we're playing some football in Arizona next Sunday.

Once back to the car, we had a victory beer, celebrated with some birds fans, sang, cheered and even watched as the Upper Darby man with the Hopkins jersey held up a sign reading, "R.I.P. Giants." Yes, that's right, the Giants are world champions no more. Thanks to the Eagles. Fuck and yes!

Right now, Philadelphia owns New York. First, the World Fucking Champion Phillies topped the Mets two years in a row for the NL East title, then won the World Series. Now the Flyers sit atop the Atlantic Division ahead of the Rangers, who have played more games than the Flyers mind you, and now, gloriously, in my first ever Eagles-Giants game in the Meadowlands, the Eagles knocked off the top-seeded Giants in the playoffs. Suck on that New York. You fucking blow.

Say what you will about Andy and Donovan. We all have. But for the 5th time in 10 years, the duo is heading to the NFC Championship game.

That's impressive no matter how you slice it. But that's not enough. The Eagles have to keep it going. Two more wins. Just two more wins.

LET'S GO BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. LET'S GO BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!

    Agreed. Go Cardinals!

    /new bandwagon jumper
    //nice to meet you

  2. Welcome to my humble abode. Roman knows me quite well.

  3. Way to go Eagles!!! I’m having real fun watching these playoffs upset. More importantly I’m watching with my cousins from Australia here in Malaysia, guess what??? It’s back to back punting victory to see both Graham and Rocca, facing off in next weeks Championship game.

    I will admit that I have no regrets skipping a day from work just watch the match. It was worthwhile.

    Aussie!!! Aussie!!!