Monday, January 19, 2009

Well, That Sucked

The Phillies may have ended the drought and cleared the aura of doom and gloom that previously engulfed Philadelphia, but at the end of the day, the Philadelphia Eagles are still the Philadelphia Eagles.

No Super Bowls victories. Ever. And that won't change this year either. Off the opening kickoff, the Cardinals marched down the field 80 yards and made it look easy. At halftime the score was 24-6 Arizona. Someone forgot to tell the Eagles the game started at 3, not 5.

It's hard to win a game when you only show up for half of it. In the first half, nothing went right. The defense was awful. Just awful. For some reason, Jim Johnson had Sheldon Brown covering Larry Fitzgerald most of the opening 30 minutes, and Fitz went nuts.

The man is absolute beast. But Sheldon wasn't the only one sucking it up. The line got no pressure, the linebackers made no plays and the safeties were embarrassed. It was almost as if this defense that had dominated for weeks didn't feel like playing. They said, "Screw it, this one's on the offense."

Well, the offense had its own struggles in the first half. Donovan was inaccurate, receivers were dropping the ball like it had the HIV, and the refs sure didn't help out. If that 3rd down pass in the red zone to Jason Avant wasn't pass interference then that penalty doesn't exist.

Oh, and David Akers. David Akers. What a game to pick to finally miss a field goal, which led to the gadget play touchdown to Fitz by the way, and miss an extra point (nice hold, Sav. Haven't you ever seen Ace Ventura?). By missing the field goal and the extra point, Akers left 5 points on the board, because the Eagles would have only went for one instead of two on their last score. That means, all the Birds would have needed was a field goal to take the lead on their final drive that ended with a Kevin Curtis drop on a perfectly thrown ball, as Curtis was interfered with.

Nothing went right. Sure, the Eagles came out gangbusters in the second, going touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, and I have to admit, when DeSean caught the bomb by McNabb to take the lead, I thought the Eagles were going to win. But they didn't deserve to win. The defense, which was well rested and healthy, gave up another long drive with ease right after taking the lead. Then Donovan couldn't bring them back.

And that's what we're going to hear. Donovan can't get it done. He chokes in big games. Well, guess what? After struggling in the first half, McNabb woke up and brought his team all the way back. He got them the lead late. He set up his defense to win the game. And the defense couldn't. I have no qualms with Andy Reid yesterday. No qualms even with the offense. They put up 25 points against a defense that had come around. Truth be told, it should have been more had Akers just done his job.

No, the offense didn't lose that game. Jim Johnson and the defense did. They were embarrassed. They were embarrassing. And now, Eagles fans are left in a familiar place. Out in the cold.

Thank God for the Phillies.

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  1. Thank you for not going the "stereotypical Philly fan" route and blaming Donny. He's the reason they had a shot at the end of the game. He did job a few throws but the blame certainly falls to Jim Johnson, the D, Akers, and Big Red.

    To Jim and Andy: How do you have your team so unprepared to play? That tackling was the worst I can remember in a long time (looked like 11 Considines/Simoneaus running around out there). And how on earth do you stop blitzing in the 4th quarter!!!! Everybody's been in Jim Johnson's nuts for so long and sure, he's been great. But how many times has he failed to prevent a lead in a close game by playing it safe with that soft prevent D that just gets chewed apart. It's a defense that's built to be successful by being aggressive.

    Who's idea was it to play Demps the whole game anyways? He was a mess before he had that stupid (and ineffective) late hit on Warner.

    Damn shame but we shouldn't have been there anyways after that middle of the season slump so whatever.

  2. I agree with everything said, and the loss is on everyone involved, however once again Donovan and the offense failed to put together a drive at the end of a game when needed. What is it going to take for Andy Reid and the front office to get some playmakers to help out on offense? Let's hope that some good comes from losing another NFC championship game they were favored to win.

  3. Did you hear about the Arizona fans vandalizing McNabb's house by burning "Go Cards" into his lawn? You can google it or read about it on the 700 Level Blog... I know Philly fans have done some borderline stuff, but seriously...

  4. i'm glad joltin' joe got to it before me. botttom line is jimmy johnson got outcoached against tampa that year. got outcoached against new england in the second half of the super bowl. and he got outcoached once again in arizona. he does great thigns taking away players throughout the season but in the big games, he's been as much to blame as anyone i think.

  5. Did you guys see your namesake's (Doug Glanville) interview over at We Should Be GM's?

  6. No team can expect to win when they give up 32 points, thats it. Donovan was Donovan. He made some great throws and some awful ones. This game proved once again that we still need a #1 receiver. Desean is really good, but where is our Larry Fitzgerald??? I still think Andy needs to go. Thats about it. We can still win 3 of 4 champuionships. look at it like that