Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Abraham Linking

No time for writing. Onto the links.

-A roundup of Phillies blogs from WSBGMs, with a shoutout to yours truly.

-The Best Harry Kalas impression ever.

-Giants fans are upset, dumb.

-Myron Rolle decides the NFL can wait.

-Monty Gee back and better than ever, from Philly.com.

-Former 76er and current Timberwolves forward Rodney Carney is good at bowling. Too bad the Sixers drafted him to, you know, play basketball (via The Big Lead).

-Finally, romanwarhelmet admits the Giants do indeed suck.

-I watched the Lousiville-Notre Dame game, and the Oklahoma-Texas game as well, and this was by far the highlight of the night:

-In UNC's loss to Wake, this was pretty nasty too:

-Derek Lowe signs with the Braves.

-Jonny Flynn, ridiculous:

-If the Cardinals-Eagles NFC Championship has you angry, seeing as they both only had 9 wins the regular season, go watch soccer, asshole.

-Five reasons the Penguins are struggling. Really, there's only one: Because Pittsburgh sucks balls.

-Jordan. Great. All that stuff.

-More Hardball, a new endeavor by GM-Carson of We Should Be GM's. Check it out.

-Maybe Vidal Hazelton should have just gone to Penn State.

-Full-court shots are sweet and funny.

-Say it ain't so, Mo. Maurice Evans is declaring too. Fuck.

The Flyers host the Penguins tonight in what has become a very, very heated rivalry. Although, the Pens kinda suck right now. Let's hope they don't regain their form from last season tonight.

LET'S GO BIRDS!!!!!!!!!

BallHype: hype it up!

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