Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pregame Thoughts


G Lew out for the game? Interesting. Who will Donovan's first incomplete deep ball of the game be targeted to? Is that not always reserved for G Lew?

I'd be concerned with Klecko banged up that we don't have a fullback, but we haven't had a fullback all year. Apologies to Kyle Eckel, I guess. Please tell me they aren't just going to use Buck as a blocking back. Buck is key today man.

Watching Eli warm up before the game, he looks like such a little weenie. It really would be painful to see such a patsy win a game against this team. Aside from the fact I hate the other 51 players and every single person in the history of the planet who has donned a Giants jersey, player, fan, mannequin or otherwise.

My cliche game analysis that I'd like to focus on is the Red Zone. The Eagles will move the ball, but always stall inside the 20. Need TDs here. Vice versa, the Giants will absolutely move the ball with their running game and the occasional throw to Kevin Boss, so can the Eagles limit those rushing TDs to FGs?


BallHype: hype it up!

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