Friday, January 9, 2009

Maybin Declares

In sad but unsurprising news for Penn State fans, Aaron Maybin is declaring for the NFL draft.

That's Maybin not getting held by an Ohio State lineman.

Thanks to the early-season suspension to Maurice Evans, Maybin got an opportunity to play this year and made the most of it. The guy had a tremendous season, wreaking havoc all year long. It would have been foolish for him to come back. The truth is, all Maybin could possibly do is hurt his draft status if he came back because, let's face it, he'd be hard-pressed to have the same kind of year next season. He's incredibly undersized for the NFL, and currently, he only has one real move—his speed rush—as Arkansas Fred just called to tell me when he received a text from Lavar's Love Child that Maybin was going pro.

It certainly will be a loss for the Lions, but it's something to be expected. Here's hoping that Maurice Evans, Navorro Bowman and Jared Odrick all come back … and Larry Johnson too. Evans should come back to rebound from the down year and off the field issues and regain his status as one of the nation's elite defensive ends. Bowman, when paired with a healthy Sean Lee, has a chance to be in the Butkus Award talk, enhancing his profile and draft status, and Odrick could use another year to truly become a beast.

I wish Maybin the best of luck. I just don't want the Eagles to draft him. They need another undersized defensive end or out of position linebacker like I need a hole in the head.


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  1. Worse things have happened. I would have come out. Thats millions of dollars vs. english class. no brainer. I dont think him going is that big of a deal. I think he played over his ability. If Mo Evans comes back and is what he was, PSU has a better overall player. Lets hope Maybin gets picked real high and has a good career. Its got to be good for recruiting.