Thursday, January 8, 2009

Links from the Dead

I'm still trying to recuperate from that insane trip, so I haven't really been all there. I did watch the Flyers on Tuesday, who earned a tough point in the shootout loss to Washington, tying the Rangers for first place in the Atlantic. That's pretty sweet. And the Sixers have won back-to-back games. I missed Tuesday's game because I was watching the Flyers, but last night, Andre Miller and Andre Iguodala were spectacular in the win.

It was quite stunning when Miller rose up and hit that three late in the fourth to essentially get the win. Though Marc Zumoff should probably try to temper his emotions a little bit for a big shot against the Bucks. This team sucks, remember? Anyway, I'd also like to give props to Theo Ratliff, who once again was a terror around the rim. Seriously, Theo and Mo Speights together are about a thousand times better than Elton Brand was. God I hate Duke.

Oh, and apparently UNC lost, which I didn't think was possible, over the weekend while I was out of pocket. All I can say is Tyrese Rice is a beast.

Now, some links …

-With the signing of Marcus Giles, the Phils once again get the wrong brother.

-James vanRiemsdyk is looking good.

-Damn you Sports Illustrated.

-I am scared of Tavarington.

-Danny Granger don't mess around.

-Must have, via The Big Lead.

-I want to be an Outlaw.

-Being part of an NBA team seems like fun.

-How do you spell retard? C-H-I-P-P-E-R.

-Steve Blake loves to perpetuate stereotypes.

-A Jordan highlight reel, just because.

-Knowshon is going pro, like his quarterback Stafford and Sam Bradford of Oklahoma.

-The Caps and Flyers isn't a big rivalry, but Washington is damn good. And it's clear Mike Richards and Alexander Ovechkin don't like each other.

-Yeah, but can he teach Shaq to do this.

-Please, please, please, please, please don't leave Penn State, Larry Johnson Sr. Please.

-Scottie Reynolds kindly tells me to shut up, scoring 40 points in Nova's OT victory last night.

Also, I'd like state yet again, Fuck the Giants. Fuck them in their helmet-catching asses.


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