Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Seriously, Can We Get Chris Cooley?

I like some Brent Celek. I do. He had a great game on Sunday and looks like Chad Lewis reborn. But man, what I wouldn't give to have Chris Cooley in Eagles green. Here's his take on that final Eagles drive:

Kevin Curtis was mauled by Rodderick Hood to end the Eagles season. Coming out of the break Kev's body is flailing while he is falling down, he awkwardly lunges away from Hood's hands which are all over his back trying to drag him to the ground and as he goes to reach for the ball he can't even extend his arms. Other than a quick comment by Aikman about how interference could have been called, little was said and the game ended. All was well and we're celebrating the Cards in the Super Bowl as it's the greatest thing to happen in the NFL.

I understand that officials get a hard time for making calls, but it is a major advantage for a defender to have his hands all over a receiver. Instead of having to honor a receivers ability to run a great route and make a move they sit and wait at a distance they think they can grab the guy and just figure they wont get called.

I guess that until every receiver starts throwing up their hands like Curtis does after this no-call, defenders will keep getting away with this. Check out the video and tell me this is not a blatant pass interference at the 1:10 mark...

Yeah, that sure looks pass interference. And like Troy said, Curtis still could have caught it. Fuck.

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