Monday, January 12, 2009

a picture says a thousand words

i really don't feel like writing much. i'm just enjoying the ride at this point. brian dawkins has willed me to win three separate weeks of fantasy basketball this season, that's how much he cares. what a guy. i don't know how he can be denied.

but without further ado, lets just relive some of the more glorious moments in life...

i'll be honest, this is one of my favorite pictures of all time. maybe my favorite. as much as i hate joe buck, hearing him call this play and then having enough brains just to be quiet for a couple seconds and letting the crowd just roar over the tv, that's a top-3 sports moment in my lifetime. the only one who liked this play more is jeff thomason, am i right people?

let's bring it home for jerome.

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  1. we need to get this done for B-Dawk. Let's go Birds!!!

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  4. I was there for the falcons game and i was there yesterday and it was glorious again.

  5. Reno Mahe with a [NFC] Championship ring.
    In other news, Amy Winehouse was named People's 'Most Beautiful' and David Wright isn't a broccoli fart in a jar.