Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This Guy's a Phony

I like my brother-in-law. Honestly, I do. He may be a Rangers and Yankees fan, but at least he hates the Mets and has no use for the Giants. Plus, he's a good guy. He really is. But sometimes, he just doesn't get it. Take for instance, this email he just sent me:

since i see based on your postings that you people down there have this inferiority complex with us up here in NYC. And have the urge to let us know whenever anything decent happens down there (Giants aside since i have no use for them anyway.) here is this mornings updated NHL Atlantic division standings. Take a look and realize that you will NOT simply have this division without any kind of fight. So tell those fags in orange to bring it. Henrik will make them all his bitches and put them on the corner to make him some money.

enjoy (NYC will always rule the east coast)

Yes, the Flyers are in second place, but I'd like to point out, once again, that the Rangers have played two more games. Second of all, as I pointed out the other day, New York does not, in fact, rule the East Coast, especially in sports, anymore. Check the facts. The Phillies are World Fucking Champions. Correct me if I'm wrong, but no New York team is the champion right now. In fact, the Eagles are in the NFC Championship game, the Flyers are coming off a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals, and the Sixers have won four straight games. No team from New York can boast such accolades currently in each sport.

But lastly, I'd like to focus on this: "Giants aside since i have no use for them anyway." Seeing as my brother-in-law is born and bred in Brooklyn, where he currently lives still, naturally you'd think, OK, he doesn't like the Giants, so he must like the Jets, right? Wrong. His favorite NFL team is the San Francisco 49ers. What? you say. Exactly. You wanna know why he's a Niners fan? Because he's a phony. A big, fat phony.

Mr. New York there loves the Niners because when he was young, the Niners were dominant, with Joe Montana, Bill Walsh and Jerry Rice running roughshod over the league. Hence, my brother-in-law latched on to the team as a front-running youngster. Somehow, someone born and bred in New York, who claims to be a New York die-hard that loves the Yankees and Rangers, does not root for any New York football teams. He roots for a team from San Francisco, which has quite a bit of gays mind you, not that there's anything wrong with that.

I didn't want to have to do this, but it had to be said. For all your dedication and loyalty to the Rangers and Yankees, you are a fraud. College is one thing. People can like schools from anywhere for whatever reason, but you root for your hometown pro teams. At least, that's what real people do. Flyers, Sixers, Eagles, Phillies. Those are my favorite teams. They all are in Philadelphia. Not two of them. Not three. All four. Because that's what real men do. They support their city's teams. Not just the ones they deem worthy … or coincidentally the ones that have historically won a lot of championships. Just saying.


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  1. That is definitely fradulent.

    In my mind, you are allowed a small period of childhood indescretion where you root for another team, most likely because of a player. When I was 6 or 7 and collecting baseball cards heavily, I liked Will Clark. I had a bunch of Will Clark cards and shit.

    Do I root for the SF Giants now? Hell no. You cannot, under any circumstances, be raised in Brooklyn and root for the 49ers, unless Joe Montana or Ronnie Lott was in your family or something.

    Fraud of the highest order.

  2. The way your brother in law plays sports, im surprised he even knows what a football looks like to tell you the truth.

  3. I'm honored to get such a mention on this site. And that my brother in law would take to time & effort to put up this post. To answer uncle jellyfish first. When i first became a niners fan it was in the late 80's. i was 11 or 12 years old at the time. past the 6 or 7 years old where it's ok to switch teams when you get older i was old enough to know that once your for a team you don't sell out and root for someone else when times get bad. EX: the Yanks were starting to slide down the standings in the late 80-early 90's and i didn't say fuck it i'll root for the mets now since they were fresh off the 86 series and were still on a good run for a few years after that. And yes i still have all my baseball cards from when i was a kid and i collected Will Clark's, Nolan Ryans, and Ryan Sandbergs by the dozen but i wasn't a fan of any of those teams.

  4. Next to answer Arkansas Fred. I was never the greatest football player before i played those games with you guys. So i can't say playing it was my strong suit. If you would like to have a go at ice hockey with me tell me where and when and i'll be more than happy to tear you several new asses. And weren't you the one who the Reverend had banned from writing for this site for awhile for refusal to go in on getting some Series tix and then not going to the only victory parade in your lifetime so far. I don't think of that as stepping up to the plate in terms of "Real Fan Hood". When the yanks went on their run starting in 96 i tried to get WS tix and got shut out but i did go the parade with my old man and some friends aafter they won. I did get to go to 2 real good Yank-Red Sux ALCS games a few years later + 2 more divisional games and 1 more parade in 98. So in that dept. i'm way ahead of you: Total stats Playoff/WS games attended 4 and 2 parades. that would give me more real fan points than you.

  5. personally i have nothing against anyone here, and i'm not afraid to take any crap cause i give my fair share especially to those cock suckers up in boston.
    Thanks again Joe i do enjoy the attention. And yes i do know that the rangers have played 2 more games than the flyers but come the end of the season it everyone will have played 82 games and the rangers will still take the Atlantic division.

  6. I really don't like any of the teams in New York one bit.

  7. that's ok no one said you had to, if everyone all liked the same teams there would be no good rivalries.

  8. Just because one of your favorite teams isn't from your hometown doesn't mean much. I'm a huge Yankees fan. But I'm from the Philly area. That doesn't mean I'm any less of an Eagles/Flyers fan. As long as you're not a bandwagon fan, you can like as many different teams in many different places in my book. No disrepect or anything, love the blog, just saying I don't know what the big deal is.

  9. I completely disagree Ryan, but to each their own I guess. I just don't really like people who have no connection to New York or the Yankees and root for them over their hometown team, like you seem to. I'm not saying you can't like any other teams, but you root for your home teams first a foremost. Being in Philly, where that sentiment is hammered home, you should know that much.

  10. i have to admit he did get arkansas fred pretty good on that one tho...

  11. Apparently proper grammar doesn't rule NYC.
    I'm such a grammar nerd. I wonder if there's anyplace for a semicolon in this response...