Friday, January 9, 2009

ESPN is Ridiculous, Josh Elliott Knows It

Thanks to Awful Announcing for this brilliant clip:

Seriously, this is why I hate ESPN more and more every day. I used to watch Sportscenter religiously to get all the awesome highlights and sports news. Now, it's nothing more than a marketing show filled with talking heads and very limited highlights. I honestly cannot make it through an entire episode anymore. It's sad. Shit, as Josh Elliott clearly displays, it's become so absurd that a commercial for the new Jordans was a top play, not, you know, an actual play. I'm just pumped Elliott called out his employer for it on the air and refused to let it go. More power to you, Josh Elliott.

ESPN has gone the way of MTV, and we are all worse off for it.

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  1. So, I'm wondering...does the Reverand have another source for highlights (no browsing youtube doesn't count (: althought we all do) that he's holding out on sharing?

  2. Check the links and blogroll. Other than that, I have to stumble upon them.

  3. i miss when sportscenter was actually based around highlights. also Jordan should be ashamed of himself...$230 for a pair of sneakers?!?

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  5. ESPN gets worse everyday. Sportscenter is just about unwatchable these days. Even their website is bad. What is going on in Bristol?