Thursday, January 8, 2009

el presidente

today i went different places. i haven't been around this blog very much lately, but today i went somewhere different with a guy you might know as adam bruckner. you might recognize him as the former philadelphia kixx great pictured below...

nowadays, adam just coaches and is bald and grows a beard sometimes and he has been known to shave smiley faces into his chest hair and it's also a fact that he can shave his entire back by himself. what a resource...

well it turns out adam also does a lot of great things in the city of philadelphia. he feeds the homeless in the city every monday afternoon through a program called restart. the website for it is but while also feeding the homeless he also writes checks so the guys can get ids or essential things in order to get a job and try to get things going again. in all seriousness, i've never met a guy like him because he seems to be tireless with his efforts, also doing things with a big group of children from the projects tuesday and thursday nights and probably a lot more that's not necessarily planned.

his efforts clearly have not gone unnoticed as today president bush flew to philly and handed adam a presidential volunteer award. the president also went to an elementary school in the city that most of adam's kids go to. so he was allowed to take someone to photograph the times and he brought me since i'm his protege. aside from being a good person like him, we both share the same male pattern baldness, the same overgrowth in body hair, the same ineffectiveness with girls (he's 33 and single if there's any girls who read this, although if you're a girl and you read this blog that kind of makes me feel different).

here are a few shots. it has been rumored that adam asked the president for his tie...

adam was also quoted on the bus ride over to the site saying, "i'm about the third-to-last person who gets excited about something like this. i'd much rather shake hands with matt stairs." i believe him. and i don't blame him.

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  1. i think that means we're almost famous, well the charles anyway

  2. we are all pretty much white house interns.