Thursday, January 1, 2009

Could this be the week of weeks???

It is now 10 am and I have been pacing around the house for two hours already. I'm too excited to sleep and I sure as hell can not sit still. The past week has been amazing if not brilliant, for the most part. If things go as planned it could be capped off with a win in the grand daddy of them all, THE ROSE BOWL. Now let me start first with last Sunday.

Last Sunday, a friend of mine called me and asked me to get rid of his other buddies' tickets to the Eagles versus Dallas game. He said to get what you can get and they just wanted to get rid of the tickets. The tickets were $90 seats in the second row of the end zone facing 95. Needless to say, they were decent seats. So I called Rev. and I called Silver Fox among a few people. I offered them the seats leaving the price open to negotiations. I said $50 to $60 dollars for the seats. Both of them passed on the tickets. They both passed on cheap tickets to an EAGLES versus Cowboys game. I was stunned to say the least. I ended up calling our other buddy, or Rev's enemy. I offered him the tickets and he purchased two seats to this game for $40 total. That is a 180 dollar value of tickets for $40.

As I was waiting for him outside the gate to the stadium, I was standing next to Donovan's father. Now from all the years of hearing about his mom and dad, I know Donovan's dad when I see him. I was 100% positive it was him. The gate we enter the Linc is right next to the valet parking lot, so he was standing waiting for another member of his suite party I assumed. Now, I did not say anything to the guy as I waited. I thought about saying something complimentary about his son because I have always been a Donovan guy. I think Kevin Kolb is an idiot and is a waste of a pick that could have been something to help out Donovan. After a few minutes, a black Escalade pulls up and Mr. McNabb went over to the car.

Who comes out but Donnie's wife and she brought the famous twins. As Mr. McNabb struggled to set up a double wide baby stroller, I glanced over occasionally, but did not stare like some fans who stopped and strained their bodies over a rail to try and stare at the babies. I thought I was being polite. After five minutes, the McNabb family finally was ready to move into the stadium and they all passed in front of me. First of all, I do not know what Donovan finds attractive in his wife. I do not see it. I'm sorry. Finally, after ten people passed Mr. McNabb walked by. Now, I'm not sure what I said, but I decided to try and be supportive of Donovan. I said something like, "I hope your son comes back next year." That was it. Well, I might as well have called Mr. McNabb a douchebag with the look he gave me. I got a combination of the Evil and Snake Eyes in one. I was taken aback. He never stopped, he just glanced quickly, but from that encounter, I realized that Donovan's dad is a jerk.

As for the game, it was the third greatest Eagles game I have ever been to. Number one and two are the NFC championship and the playoff win against the Lions. It was amazing. I have not screamed and laughed so hard in years. From the moment the final scores of the 1 o'clock games were texted [Ed note: by me] to me and the fans all around found out, it was mayhem. The team came out of the helmet and they introduced the defense. Saving the best for last, as usual, Brian Dawkins was finally introduced. As he waved the fog in the air and did his danced, he ended it by blowing kisses to each side of the stadium. If this was Dawk's last game, then God dammit I was going to do everything I could to help and 70 thousand other people thought the same way.

It was loud. Cowboy fans were being yelled at and objects tossed in their direction. Then the Eagles brought out the blind kid, Timmy Kelly, to sing the National Anthem. Dallas never had a shot. Granted, I was worried when they marched down and kicked their first field goal, but that feeling did not last long. Thanks to a vicious defense and Tony Romo's decision to suck at life, the game was over by halftime. The party had started. The chants of Dallas sucks, ROOMMMMMMMOOOOO ROOOOMMMMOOOOOO, and dusted out of the closet the TO, TO, TOOOOOOO, TO TOOOOOOO. That last chant was accompanied by a middle finger baton wave. It was glorious and they heard every word of it. Dallas straight up got raped by Philadelphia and we all laughed with delight.

To top it off, Brian Dawkins played like a super hero. The way Weapon X has played his whole career. Decking people, causing fumbles, sacking the quarterback. He was everywhere and anywhere. If he does not come back next year, I will probably cry. I am not joking. Let him stay as long as he wants and they better retire his number the moment he does retire. It would be a shame if they didn't.

That brings us to today. The past four days have been a haze. I'm still not sure what has happened. 2008 has been a hell of a year and today I think 2009 will start with a bang. I hate USC. I do not like Pete Carroll. I'm sick of every sportscaster in America telling me how USC will destroy Penn State. Well today is the day we find out who is right. Today is another chance for Joe Pa to prove America wrong. Today we witness the last game of D Will, Deon, and Jordan. God bless them and what they did for that University.

I just received a call from a buddy at the Rose Bowl. He told me it is the greatest thing he has ever witnessed and they just arrived. He parked next to a USC fan with a Dodgers bumper sticker. He also told me Ki-Jana Carter called one of the people at his tailgate asking to hang out. That's got to be a good sign for the day ahead. FUCK CALIFORNIA.

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  1. I would just like to make it known, once again, that Arkansas Fred passed up tickets to the World Series, then refused to take off work to go to the parade because, you know, his high-powered job of working at a supermarket and living with his parents is so important. Don't ever even imply an questions of my fanhood, Fred. We all got to see what you're made of when it mattered the most.