Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Can't We All Just Get Along?

So today, I took off work because I felt like I was going to faint this morning, probably from this trip. I was cranky and angry, and I have to say, I let it fly in the comments.

Reading over that again, I feel obligated to let the few outside readers know a little about the contributors here at this site. I realize I've never done that. A heated exchange between Arkansas Fred and I is par for the course, something that's been happening since the day I met him. Here's a description of each of the so-called contributors of The House That Glanville Built.

Firs of all, I am friends with everyone you see listed to the left here, however odd that may seem at times. More often than not, we argue and yell at each other. This is normal behavior for us. If we aren't bickering to some extent, really, that's when something's wrong. That's why it's so much fun to yell at each other on this site.

Arkansas Fred was the first contributor besides myself here at this site. I've known Fred since junior high and became friends with the kid in high school. We've gone to countless Eagles, Phillies, Sixers and Flyers games together, not to mention Penn State games as well. We've been season ticket holders together for the Sixers and now, currently Penn State. And Arkansas Fred and I hate each other. Honestly. People ask how we can be friends. No one really knows. Having said that, I lived with the kid three out of my four years at Penn State, and I still thoroughly enjoy going to sporting events with the guy, even if he wasn't at the parade. Oh yeah, and he's a jerk.

silver fox is another guy who I've known for a long, long time. We've been friends since 9th grade and again, have gone to a ton of sporting events together, including many college basketball games as well. He also had season tickets with me for the Sixers, and we hang out quite a bit. He likes Villanova and Allen Iverson more than anyone I've ever met, but he also has some weird tendencies like owning a Michael Vick jersey and defending the Big East to its bitter death.

Lavar's Love Child is another Penn Stater who I've known for quite some time. He unfortunately lives in Boston currently, chasing the y axis. In high school we became friends and then, in college, roomed together for a year along with Arkansas Fred. He loves Penn State as much as anyone I know, and generally hates most people he meets. He's representing Philadelphia well up north.

uncle jellyfish is basically my hero. When I was a freshman at Penn State, he was a senior. His brother was a friend of mine and uj took us all under his wing to teach us how to party. Currently residing in Manayunk, he's an avid Philadelphia fan and gets ridiculously drunk every weekend.

Adam EatShit is another Penn Stater who I've known since junior high. We became friendly in high school and once college rolled around, good friends at Penn State. He lives and dies with Philadelphia sports the same way I do, only, believe it or not, has a worse temper than me. He is currently a roommate of mine, and I spent the greatest night of my life with him and uncle jellyfish. He's a scumbag and I like him for it.

The Charles is another longtime friend who I've known since high school. He was a little misguided growing up by a father who rooted for the Denver Broncos, but nonetheless, he loves Philadelphia sports to no end. He also is a Penn State through and through, and I lived with this fella two years in State College. He's quite a character with a journalism background himself, and he may or may not be friends with Kyle Korver. West Chester what?

Joltin Joe Blanton is one of the two people I've known the longest. We've been friends since elementary school, and have been making fun of people ever since. For some reason, the guy loves to run, and he is by far the biggest NBA fan on this site. Oh, and he wears a thing called a gator. He is a gay.

CuzinVin is the designer of the site. Yeah, I know, he's done a lot. Actually, he did create the cool little banner at the top. Now if his lazy ass would just do something else to get rid of this stupid blogger template. But I digress. I've known The Vinmeister since junior high, becoming friends in high school. We went to Penn State together, rooming together for three of four years, and he's a crazy, crazy man. You never really know what's next. His greatest passions in life are horrible movies and Asian women. Sports come as a secondary enjoyment for him, which makes him quite an odd character.

Toonces is another lifelong friend from elementary school. His favorite athlete of all time, as far as I know, is Greg Maddux. Yeah, he's one of those. He also owns a cat as a single male, not that there's anything wrong with that. Toonces embarked on quite a journey with silver fox and I, and I spent the day in Citizens Bank Park with him for the greatest speech of all time.

Essentially, all of us have known each other for a long time. A little too long if you ask me. We make fun of each other constantly, and if we aren't hating one another, we aren't ourselves. So don't you people worry, we all get along. Or not. But it's nothing to be alarmed about.

One thing we can all agree on is:

LET'S GO BIRDS!!!!!!!!

BallHype: hype it up!


  1. Dude you guys are fucking nuts, I just found this blog and it's one of the best Philly sports blogs around.

  2. I was honestly afraid that you guys were in some sort of big scrum and that this blog was on the decline. Fortunately that was not the case and probably will never happen - at least not for a while - because this is one of my favorite sports blogs.
    At any rate, I noticed that you all basically went to PennState. Please do not hate me when I tell you I'm going to the University Of Pittsburgh. I'm an athletic training major and they don't offer that course at PennState, trust me I checked, being since I grew up a 1/2 from Philly my entire life and have always loved the city's sports.
    If it's any comfort to you I still always wear my Philadelphia jerseys around the city and still always get dirty looks. I wouldn't have it any other way.

    (PS. I went to the Eagles, Steelers game this year and all of the Flyers, Pens games here wearing all of my Philly stuff. Needless to say, I'm not liked very much here!)

  3. i love all you guys. i just want you to know that. i am going to take pictures of mr. president thursday. i'll post them here and i will make a philadelphia sports connection

  4. hahaha, this is exactly why I don't ask any of my friends to write on my site.

    Well, that and the fact are they are all borderline illiterate.

  5. I wear an hat of one of our teams everyday around this here town. These people need to come down a level or 2. They still talk about the Red Sox like they are the champs. Oh yeah, the NFC blows. Its not like the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl or anything. In summation, Boston probable has the gayest population anywhere. New Hope would be jealous