Friday, January 16, 2009

Pizza, Pizza

Recently, Adam EatShit's step-brother moved in with us, a Jersey native. Being the typical Jersey guy, he claimed he was unimpressed with Tacconelli's pizza, preferring De Lorenzo's in Trenton. Us Philadelphia boys found this incredibly hard to believe, but this man swore by De Lorenzo's, so we accompanied him there last night to find out for ourselves.

Now, I have to admit, De Lorenzo's had some pretty damn good pizza. The sausage was delicious, and they had this clam pie that was absolutely tremendous. It's better pizza than 99 percent of the dough and sauce out there … but it doesn't hold a candle to Tacconelli's.

First off, Tacconelli's sauce is sweeter, which happens to be my preference when it comes to pizza. And as good as De Lorenzo's was, and it was really, really good, it could not top Tacconelli's white pizza or margerita pie. Really, there is no comparison.

I truly respect what De Lorenzo's does over there, and I wouldn't hesitate to go back again. But I'd rather head to Port Richmond to get some Tacconelli's any day of the week. Once again, Philadelphia trumps New Jersey. If it wasn't for the shore and Atlantic City, it would have no reason to exist.

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  1. You forgot the more reasonable and relaxed liquor laws and the ability to live near a 'gay-friendly town' without actually being in a 'gay-friendly town.'

  2. De Lorenzo's makes a fine pie and yes, Jersey is merely a buffer between Pa & Ny. kets thank them for that. Tony's place on Frankford ave. is my favorite pizza of all time though. If you like a nice thin crust and awesome sauce, that is the place.

  3. A white with plum tomatoes from Tacconelli's is THEE greatest pizza on planet earth.

    With all due respect to DeLorenzo's -- YOU AIN'T GOT SHIT ON TACC'S.

  4. Was ELLIO's frozen pizza included in the conversation?

    Greatness from NJ:
    -95% Everclear is not sold in PA, sold in NJ
    -NJ hasn't proposed a ban on Salvia divinorum since '06, PA proposed one in '07.
    -the band God Forbid
    -shore pussy
    -the 'Tard is from South Jersey

  5. Meech, throw some spinach on that white with tomatoes and you are really talking. red pie with sausage also delicious.

    Tony's in the northeast sucks. Went there a few months ago with the Rev and others and was unimpressed.