Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Miss Jeremy Roenick

In his three years in Orange and Black, Jeremy Roenick was a fan favorite. He exemplified everything Philadelphia fans love: grit, determination, skill and a penchant for speaking his mind.

He's the kind of guy that's hard to hate. JR looks like he loves to play hockey and truly appreciate the fans. And he hasn't forgotten about Philadelphia:

Have to love my Eagles beating the Super Bowl champs, and I love how Donovan is playing. How great would it be if the Phillies and Eagles win championships in the same year. WOW, Philly fans deserve it big time!


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  1. this is a type of player that's becoming a dying breed in terms of being outspoken in the press like JR and Brett Hull. Most of the young kids you see coming in the league now are a little more low key like that. They'll give interviews but they aren't brash and tend not to step on any toes. One reason why is the Language barrier guys like Ovechkin, Malkin, Semin, Kopitar don't have the full grasp of the english language to say the things that JR and Hull would say back in the day. Also personality wise they seem more low key off the ice. Crosby just whines most of time about not getting calls so his credibility is dropping like a rock outside of Pittsburgh. from the 2 interviews i've heard of Patrick Kane and Jon Toews they are playing the role of young kids who still growing in the league. maybe as time goes on one of these kids will not be afraid to speak out like the old timers did.

  2. And Canadians are the most boring people on earth who speak in monotone voices all the time.

  3. yes that is true too. one exception to that rule was Sean Avery. he turned in some memorable interviews during his stay on Broadway.

  4. whenever he gets out of his behavioral control program, the stars still have him under contract as far as i know but they will most likely trade him. cause to just cut him they would have to eat what is left on the 15 mil they owe him. the trade route is best for them but they won't get much of anything cause of the contract. As i think it was Johnny Upton said Slap Shot when he first saw the Hanson brothers "What did the old man trade for these assholes? a used puck bag". That's about what the stars will get in return for avery.