Tuesday, January 6, 2009

MLB's First Step to Make Sure New York is in the Playoffs

Read this and try not to hate Major League Baseball.

J.C. Romero is going to be suspended for the first 50 games of 2009 because he purchased an over-the-counter supplement at GNC. The MLB players union told players they have no reason to believe any supplements purchases legally in U.S. retail stores have banned substances. Romero had it checked by a nutritionist, the Phillies' nutritionist and rechecked by a nutritionist, all of whom found nothing wrong with the substance.

Chamomiles Davis has a great recount of what happened.

After the World Series flopped nationally without a team from Boston or New York partaking, Major League Baseball has taken its first step to rectify that, what with the Mets being the Phillies prime competition in the National League. What a fucking joke. Don't be surprised if Brad Lidge, Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley get suspiciously suspended for something or another, while the fucking Mets sign Barry Bonds as he gets cleared of any wrong-doing. Fuck you, MLB. Fuck you right in Bud Selig's ass.

Oh, and Pat, as meech said, signed with Tampa Bay for 2 years, $16 million.

What? Seriously, what? Two years for 16 mill? Really? You'd rather have 37-year-old, terrible fielding Raul Ibanez than 32-year-old, at least I can throw and hit bombs Pat Burrell? Burrell is getting $8 million a year for two years, is 5 years younger and can actually throw people out and work walks. Ibanez is making $10 million a year for three years, when he'll be 40, can't field or throw, and is left-handed while the team desperately needs a right-handed bat.

You have some explaining to do Ruben.

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  1. i can see where you would think that MLB is trying to hatch a conspiracy to get a NY team in the playoffs but i don't think this would be enough to get the Mets in next season. And i think that your forgetting with the signings the Yanks made over the last few weeks we will win the AL easy my a minimum of 8 games, thereby putting the correct New York team in the playoffs once again. Don't worry about the Mets they will suck Moose balls again this season. The Yanks are the ones that will get us another parade up Broadway next November.

  2. After reading that article oh what happened it is a total shaft job by MLB on romero. If MLB is that intent on cracking down then they should have just banned every kind of Supplement right of the bat and shit like this would not happen. It feels like they are making up these new rules on what players can and can't take as they go along, and have had no clear guidelines in place and what will show up as a positive test.

  3. This is sickening. I'm trying to put myself in the position of this being Johan Santana or something like that. (Not that JC is Johan, but the Mets didn't have any good relievers last year). I believe my reaction would be, you got fucked, but good riddance.

    But JC got screwed hard. This whole process is so weird. How did this all remain under the radar until now? Arbitration hearings during the WS? Are you shitting me?

  4. It's just the man trying to bring us down.

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