Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Say, Screw 'Em Both

There's quite an interesting debate over at Puck Daddy about who the better defenseman was/is: Chris Chelios or Scott Stevens.

As a Flyers fan who had to see Scott Stevens torment Philadelphia for years, I'd have to say he was the single most frightening defenseman I've ever seen. But Chris Chelios is no slouch either. I'd probably give the edge to Stevens, but I'd take either one any day of the week. But seeing as they both laid some vicious hits against the Flyers, I say, screw them both.

Seriously, I thought Liindros was dead. Man I hate the Devils. And all of New Jersey for that matter. Especially the New Jersey Giants.


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  1. wow i hadn't seen that Chelios hit on Propp in a long time that was wicked combination of elbow to the jaw while getting his body accordianed into the boards. But the stevens hit on Lindros was 1000 times better cause it was all shoulder with a clean follow through.

  2. Yeah, Stevens was never really dirty, which is odd for a guy who used to take out so many people.

  3. This is a post is all about hockey/the flyers and somehow ends in "Let's go birds". Funny how that works, huh? :p just kiddinggg, sorta. (:

  4. *is a post. Sorry, I'm getting my nails done & am not particularly concentrating as I type this so yeah, (:

  5. Jill, I love the Flyers. I really do. But the playoffs always trump everything else. That's just the way it is.