Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Last night I witnessed my first basketball game at the new Boston Garden. Let me start of by saying that building is a pretty damn nice place to watch a game. Even if it's not the original place, the parquet floors were still awesome.

I got to see some great players too: Garnett, Allen, Pierce, even some up and comers such as Rondo. If anyones noticed I have not mentioned a 76er's names. Well, they suck. What a horrible game. They were outplayed by the Celtics 8-12 bench players. Brian Scalabrine looked better than Sammy Dalembert. Andre Miller looked ok at times. Iguodala had a nice start, but overall was disappointing. Kareem Rush, did he even play? What a game. Marreese Speights did look promising at times, Thad Young did not.

Who else? Reggie Evans, who I like, sucks. This whole team just sucks. I've been waiting all year for this game so I could see Elton Brand play and what happens? He gets hurt a few days before. What a jerk.

I don't know. I didn't expect them to compete, but I was at least hoping for the game to be entertaining.

By the way: One of the Celtics dance team girls works in my office. Of course she's not one of the attractive ones. Story of my life.

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  1. In the New Year we'll have an interview with your boy Doug Glanville coming up.