Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Referees are Out of Control

After my excursion to the Main Line and running out to get a cheesesteak afterward, I did turn on the Sixers and semi-watched another debacle. What I did see was this exchange between Reggie Evans and former teammate Kyle Korver.

Nothing egregious there, right? Two former teammates embracing after a tussle. Just a nice little butt-slap by Evans to Korver, two former teammates and friends. Well, that's not how the referee saw it. He saw a black man smacking a white man, in Utah of all places, and T-d up Reggie. That is just absurd. Marc Zumoff said it was pretty ludicrous, and I'd have to agree. Refs are out of control.

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  1. A call made by the ref who obviously has no clue that they were former teamates, but that ass slap never should have been a T. You could tell by Korver's reaction that it wasn't an issue.

    That call is almost as egregious as the sixers' play so far this year

  2. let's not get carried away. The Sixers play is far, far worse.

  3. Chris Kaman thinks Korver was lucky he got his ass grabbed.