Monday, December 22, 2008

Fans Throw Snowballs at Players, Player Fires Back

Seattle Seahawks fans decided to pelt some Jets with snowballs during the game, but it was no big deal because they weren't Philadelphia Eagles fans. Anyway, Shaun Ellis decided to retaliate, awesomely I might add, by chucking a huge chunk of snow into the stands.

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  1. Roger Goodell is gonna be all over this haha

  2. That's the greatest...Shaun Ellis is now on the pantheon of one of my favoritedest (made the word up) players!


  3. Yeah, Fuhrer Goodell can't be happy with that. And Shaun Ellis is all right for a guy who plays in New Jersey.

  4. It only counts if you throw snow balls in Philadelphia. Goodell will probably let this slide.