Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Personal Opinion

I am sorry, but I feel that if you have the opportunity to help the Chicago Cubs get Jake Peavy, even though he will most likely be hurt for a good portion of the year, you just do not do it.

Why help the Cubs in any way? Is Mark DeRosa even that good? The answer is no. He is not good enough to warrant even considering helping the Cubs acquire an ace-type pitcher. I mean .285 average with 21 homeruns would look nice in leftfield, but the guy is going to be 34 and unless he is on the Barry Bonds prescription plan, that is when you start falling fast. The Phils would probably give up J.A. Happ, a promising LEFTHANDER. So if I am Reuben Amaro, I walk up to the Chicago Cubs front office team and spit in their face. Of course, I would sign Bobby Abreu out of respect, so what does that tell you about my opinion.

How sweet would it be for the last game of the NFL season come down to the Eagles versus Dallas for a wild card spot? Not only would it be insane, but the winner would get to most likely face the Vikings or Cardinals. Two trash teams that have no business in the playoffs. And the winner of that would most likely go to New York to play the Giants. Been there, done that, and won. So the way I see it, if the Eagles make the playoffs, they will cruise to the NFC championship game at the very least.

Mark May farts on his hand and then smells it.

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  1. Well, the counter argument would be that the Cubs are probably going to get Peavy anyway, so why not get something valuable if you can? DeRosa can play anywhere, which will help if Utley is not ready to go early on, and J.A. Happ is not very promising. I mean, he's OK, but he's more like a lefthanded Kyle Kendrick. I'm just sayin. I don't really care either way, but it really looks like the Cubs are going to find a way to get Peavy anyway, even thought the Tribune Company is freakin bankrupted.