Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Diet Supplements are Worse than Cocaine, Says NFL

This summer, Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver and former Arkansas quarterback Matt Jones was caught in a car with lots of cocaine.

Somehow, this did not warrant any swift action by Roger Goodell, even though he had no problem suspending Pacman and Michael Vick prior to any convictions. Finally, now that the Jaguars' season is shot to shit, Jones has been suspended for the final three games of the year.

Just to put that in perspective, Goodell and his cronies suspended six players for four games for essentially taking diet supplements with a banned substance in them. So in they eyes of Fuhrer Goodell, diet pills are a worse crime against the league than snorting cocaine in a parking lot. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Let's suspend players for four games for taking a legal substance that just happens to be banned by the NFL and suspend a player who used an illegal substance according the law of the United States, as well as a banned substance for the NFL, for just three.

I'm starting to think this Goodell character may not be entirely fair with his judgments, especially, as NOIS may point out, when it comes to players of a certain pigment.

I mean, I don't know the man personally, but this seems a bit skewed, does it not?


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