Friday, December 5, 2008

An Extreme Ball Tap

Last night, as I was watching Marty Biron give the game away to the Devils, I also was flipping over to the USC-Oklahoma game to catch a glimpse of Blake Griffin and Demar DeRozen.

When I flipped over during a commercial, I saw them cutting away from a replay with Blake holding his junk, then saw the officials checking the monitor. Next thing I new, Leonard Washington was getting ejected from the game. I found out what happened, but I never got to see it. And I fell asleep before Sportscenter.

Thankfully, Ziller's got my back:

Also, I didn't see much of the game with my focus on the Flyers, but from what I did see, DeRozen is not ready for the NBA—not yet anyway. He's too timid and doesn't seem strong enough just yet.

Oh, and Blake's brother, Taylor, had a nasty block on him. Taylor ain't too bad at basketball himself.

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