Monday, December 8, 2008

So, we beat the Giants...

...and here we are again. In what is becoming a Philadelphia tradition, we find ourselves in early December with an Eagles team that is maddeningly inconsistent and that lacks an identity. A team that is bordering on mediocrity but shows flashes of the potential many saw to begin the season. Is the real Eagles team the one who fumbled on a potential game-winning drive against the Cowboys, failed to get 1 yard with two plays to do so against the Bears and Giants, and blew a double-digit lead against the Redskins at home? Or is it the team that dismantled the Cardinals, beat the Steelers, and imposed their will against the Giants?

There is more evidence to support the former. Their 7-5-1 record is as unimpressive as it is unsexy. There is the late game and short-yardage shortcomings in the Cowboys, Giants, and Bears games. Their is the blowout in Baltimore. The meltdown against the Redskins. And the TIE against the BENGALS. Ouch. The play calling has continued to be stale and predictable, and clock management has been consistently poor.

And then there is the other Eagles. The Eagles that many expected to see week in and week out at the beginning of the year. The team that put up 48 against the Cardinals. The team that beat the defending champs yesterday. The team that beat the Steelers. These Eagles actually run the ball. They utilize their best playmaker. They switch up the play calling and keep the defense off balance. This Eagles team is impressive, it is fun to watch, and it can play with anybody.

Unfortunately for us, we find ourselves back in this familiar spot. Each week we turn on the game and have no idea which Eagles team we are going to watch. At 7-5-1, they could finish as poorly as 7-8-1. Mediocre. They would miss the playoffs and not even have a stud draft pick as a consolation prize. That would leave us with more questions than answers, and a whole lot of frustration and disappointment. Or they could finish as good as 10-5-1. That would most likely get them in the playoffs. And once you're in, anything could happen. So we'll watch the final 3 games, we will wait to see which Eagles team shows up, and see where that leaves us. But the inconsistency is killing me, so would the real Eagles please stand up.

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