Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Please, Let This Be True

You see this man above? His name is Jay Paterno, and he is fuckhead. No, seriously, he is. Many people want to give Joe's son credit for Penn State's offensive success this year. I don't buy it. I give all the credit to Galen Hall, because from the moment he came to Penn State, Hall started opening things up and encouraging the Nittany Lions to recruit speedy players, not Jay Paterno.

No, Jay Paterno is better known for sticking his nose in to call ridiculous plays and notorious for his ardent support of Anthony Morelli.

Seriously, the guy truly believed Morelli was a good quarterback. Apparently, throwing three interceptions and missing wide open receivers constitutes "good decisions that maybe the fans sitting up in the stands don't understand or realize," because, you know, throwing a terrible interception can be a good decision sometimes.

I can't make this up people.

What I'm trying to say is, I don't like Jay Paterno. Not one bit. If his name was Jay Smith, he wouldn't be fit to coach pee-wee football, let alone at a top-level collegiate program. I want him gone. Like, yesterday. Never to return. That's why this got me all excited.

According Bernard Fernandez, Jay Paterno is rumored to be a candidate to take over as Toledo's head coach. Please make this happen. Please.

In more Penn State news, SoCal writers are berating Penn State, and Black Shoes Diaries is not too happy about that:

Is USC actually considering throwing the UCLA game just to get a matchup against a Big XII team?

The ironic part is that whoever winds up as the Big 12's third-place team -- Texas, Texas Tech or Oklahoma* -- will probably provide a better game than Penn State. By beating the Bruins, the Trojans actually condemn themselves to a lesser bowl opponent.

Nice work, football gods.

Yes, because it would be so much more fair on the part of the football Gods if Penn State had to play Oregon State, a team they already defeated 45-14 earlier this year, instead of creating a matchup between two top 10 teams steeped in rich tradition in the greatest post season stage of them all. That would suck. And of course, if the Big XII gets two teams into the BCS, that means USC would face the Big XII's fourth place team, and not the third place team. That would probably be Oklahoma State. So if you think it looks better to lose to UCLA just so you can play Oklahoma State, go ahead and knock yourself out.

If this kind of stuff angers you to read, good. Get used to it. There is going to be a steady diet of it over the next month, and BSD intends to see to it that you read every word of it.

So, loyal Penn State fans, commence the hate. California, land of the douche.

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