Friday, December 12, 2008

Meet the Next Villanova Stud

With the Sixers struggling, Maurice Cheeks may be on his way out if things don't turn around. But one thing is for certain, there will be a Cheek in the Philadelphia area next season.

Dominic Cheek, a 6'5" shooting guard from St. Anothony in Jersey City, is heading to Villanova next season to play for Jay Wright and the Wildcats.

According to, Cheek is the 16th ranked player in the nation and the 6th best shooting guard. He's described as a "Dead-eye shooter with ball handling skills." Sounds promising. has him listed as the 15th best player in the nation and 3rd at shooting guard. They list his strengths as 3-point range, size for position and versatility, and describe his as such: "Thin but talented scorer. In time, as he gets stronger, Cheek will show that he's capable of being a high level scoring threat. Began rebounding the ball at a high level heading into his senior season. Size sets him apart from other guards and he's extremely versatile."

It really sounds like Wright nabbed himself a great baller. Only time will tell. Here's some highlights of the future Wildcat:


  1. 'Nova is dominating this blog today. And I like it.

  2. they earned it. I need to teach you how to put in pics and shit. You post too much for me to keep up... and i like it.