Thursday, December 11, 2008

Links to the Rescue …

Of Zelda? Remember that game? It was pretty awesome. I played Zelda on the original Nintendo all the time.

Man, that game was fun. Burning down bushes and shooting swords at creatures. Great times. Anyway, the hero's name was Link. So today's edition of the links are to honor The Legend of Zelda. Enjoy.

-Ramon Hernandez is out Phillies bullpen coach.

-Everyone knows CC is a Yankee, K-Rod is a Met and Charlie signed an extension with the Phils. What you may not know, is the the Mets got J.J. Putz and the Phils got Ronny Paulino.

-A Boston fan and a Giants fan meet.

-Barry Sanders, Jr. has an uncanny resemblance to his father, via Deadspin:

-Big Suns-Bobcats trade. The Suns get Jason Richardson and Jared Dudley. Charlotte gets Boris Diaw, Raja Bell and Sean Singletary.

-Syracuse's Eric Devendorf is even douchier than I thought.

-Jamario Moon finally decides to show up:

-Carmelo scored 33 points in the 3rd quarter last night. Here's all 33 of them:

-Mo Cheeks, making people scratch their heads.

-Top 10 hits of the NHL week:

-Nations with less money than CC.

-Football combo nicknames:

Tomlinson and Sproles — “Hurt & Squirt”
McClane and Rice — “5.95 at the Chef Chen’s”
Portis and Betts — “Bitch and Bench”
Jamaal Charles & Larry Johnson - “Grit ‘n’ Spit”
Julius Jones and Maurice Morris — “Mohawk and Cravecock”
James & Hightower — “Edge ‘n’ Sledge”
Westbrook and Buckhalter - “Questionable & Doubtful”
Kevin Faulk and Sammy Morris — “Dink & Dunk”
Matt Forte and Kevin Jones — “Forte & Shit-tay”
Parker and Moore — “Willwelde”
Thomas Jones and Leon Washington “WHO DO I START IN FANTASY?”
Adrian and Chester — “Jesus & Vulture”
Taylor and Jones-Drew — “M.J.D. & O.L.D.”
Earnest Graham and Caddilac — “MCL & ACL”
______ & _______ — “Whoever Shanny Claims off the Waiver Wire”
Jerome Harrison & Jamal Lewis — “Wheelin’ & Dealin’”
Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams — “Brown & Green”
Marion & Felix — “Sounds like two gay geriatrics”

And, hey, why stop with running backs!

Ray Lewis and Bart Scott — “Stab and Stabbier”
Fitzy and Boldin — “Crackers & Bolts”
Westbrook and McNabb — “Juke & Puke”

-Arena Football League and other things ruined by Jon Bon Jovi.

-Cuttino Mobley officially retires.

-Some Anthony Randolph love:

-Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema makes with the jokes:

“We’ll treat him better than we did coach Paterno,” Bielema joked. “Our first game against him we broke coach Paterno’s leg on the sideline. We’re not going to do any of that business.” He said of Bobby Bowden.

-That shit is gross!

-Details on Devlin's departure from Penn State.

-Chan Ho Park a Phillie? I'm not too sure that's a good idea.

I'd rather get trapped in that inescapable room in Legend of Zelda than count on Chan Ho Park.


  1. The NHL hits of the week was good, But the New York Fan Meets Boston fan was the absolute fuckin best. That doesn't just pertain to football. Shit like that has been going down in Yankee Stadium for eons. But the New York fan should have Slapped the Boston fan in his face then pissed on him. Fuckin Cocksuckers from up there they all suck dick for beer money!!!!!

  2. Face the facts, New Yorkers and Bostonians are both insufferable.

  3. I know that ass suckin boston fans all are. But not all New York fans are. That's just what most Philadelphians think of us. But that only applies to Met fans. Not Yankees and Rangers fans.

  4. It definitely applies to Ranger fans.

  5. Ahhh yes our neighbors down the turnpike will always say that about us Ranger fans cause of the divisional rivalry. But after witnessing many Rangers-Flyers games in the Garden. I have to say that Flyers fans are way worse than Rangers fans in terms of starting shit in the other teams building. Example, I was at the garden for the first game after Lindros got traded to the Rangers. There were Flyers fans in packs running around with t-shirts with the #88 crossed out on them. I said fine they can wear what they want to, but when 2 of them start running laps around the Garden during the second period talkin shit to the Ranger fans that was just retardation,.....

  6. Uh, oh. Someone's getting pissed because the Flyers are only 4 points behind nowadays …

  7. First as they were going around people were throwing food and shit at them. Then when they got my section (i was sitting in the front row of it) they were yelling shit and taunting us so from over my head in back of me a whole beer came flying down over my head and hit this guy square in his face. Naturally we all started laughing at him. So his next brainfull move was to go up the stairs and challenge the Rangers fan who promptly got up and kicked his ass back down the stairs to the aisle. by this time shit had gotten out of hand with these clowns so 4 cops came running out and carried the two guys out. The point being is that we would not go that far out of our way to start shit in the other teams building. This is a misconception amongst out divisional foes. We don't start it we wait for it to come to us then it gets dealt with.

  8. Nah man i'm not pissed as of today we are still in 1st in the div. and second in the conference. I am confidant that out goal scoring issues will get worked out and we will take 1 of the 2 top seeds in the conference come playoff time

  9. think only think i'm really still pissed about is the fact that GAYROD is still here. why has he not died yet, Why can't madonna just give him some crippling STD and he just vanishes already. I don't wanna spent the next 8 years lookin at that HUGHE FUCKIN PUSSY TAKING UP SPACE AT 3RD AND BRINGING SHAME ON OUR UNIFORM!!!!

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