Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Scott Hartnell Glove & Mitten Toss

No matter what Scott Hartnell does in his career, he will forever be remembered, at least in part, for this:

Since the Flyers won, it turned out to be a hilarious moment. Had they lost, it would have gone down as a horribly stupid play. But it didn't, and everyone has been having fun with. But no one is having more fun with it than the Philadelphia Phantoms, who are having a Scott Harnell Glove & Mitten Toss night.

Puck Daddy interviewed Phantoms marketing manager Adam Goldberg about the promotion:

How soon after Scott Hartnell's glove toss last Tuesday night against Tampa Bay was this idea formed? Did you run into the office on Wednesday to start working on the promotion?

The idea was sent to me by our Director of Public Relations, Brian Smith literally 15 minutes after it happened. I was watching the game and after Richards scored the game winner I got an e-mail from Brian saying we should have a Scott Hartnell Glove Toss.

What was Hartnell's response when the idea was brought to him to get him in attendance? Was he on board from the start?

Hartnell is a great sport. He agreed to come and participate in the game and sign autographs right away. Hockey players in general have good senses of humor and can laugh off a mistake easier than others.

Nothing like Philadelphians dropping the gloves.

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