Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Eagles are Stupid, Cleveland Sucks

So last night's Eagles-Browns game was played pretty much as expected: The Browns suck and the Eagles rolled. I'm happy to see the Birds took care of business and all, and I really am excited that they still have a chance to make the playoffs, but this team is just stupid. Plain and simple. Don't believe me? Check this out:

Yeah, Asante Samuel, who finally decided not to drop an interception, had a clear path to the end zone when he went and pulled a DeSean.

After DeSean Jackson had that stupid lapse, on Monday Night Football mind you, no other Eagle ever should drop the ball until they are five yards deep in the end zone, yet, Asante did. Why? Because he's a fucking moron, just like everyone on this team. I mean, it was nice to see the Eagles finally throw the ball a little bit after all that running. I was beginning to think Andy was starting to use some common sense or something.

I particularly loved the DeSean throw for no reason, the complete lack of understanding on how to manage the clock, and of course, it was nice to see the future of the franchise throw yet another pick on his first pass, then get the next one deflected. But this is just all the things that I hate about the Eagles. They are dumb. But, they are hot, and they won easily. The defense played great, the offense moved the ball with ease, and they're still alive.

However, after watching that debacle, if I had the chance to crash frat parties with the Flyers or watch the game, I'd have a hard time deciding (via Deadspin).

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  1. I did see most the game last night, While listening to the announcers talking what seemed to be endlessly about the futures of both Reid & Donovan. I was thinking to myself them make sense somewhat but also they were starting to sound as if Andy & Donovan handed them each a bank knot of cash to talk them up as much as possible. Then they started rolling out the stats that each had accomplished while in Philly. Reid is one of top tenured coaches in the league up there with Holmgren & Shanahan & Belichick and all t have the highest winning percentages over .600 in that time span and 3 of them have over 80 something wins while at the helm with each of their respective quarterbacks. Then they sort of topped off the numbers crunching by saying that if the Eagles should make the playoffs this year then there should be no question as to whether or not both of them should be back next season. Conversely if they don't then the split it up and went with then they could tell Donovan to beat while keeping Reid cause "you just won't find as good as coach as they have right now if they did fire him". As i'm hearing all this i could hear The Reverneds voice going off in my head as loudly as i heard in person earlier in the season. "The were great while it lasted now it's time to move on and dump both of them and get some new blood in"......

  2. This leads me to some questions which i'm putting out there to get from the horses mouths themselves, the Eagles fan on the street.
    1. Would just simply making the playoffs be enough to retain both of their services for next year atleast? or is only a superbowl win gonna guarantee that.

    2. Should one or both of them be gone regardless of the outcome of this season?

    3. If one or both of them is shown the door after this season who would viable candidates to replace them?

    4. should the Eagles just simply tear down the roster and going into the "Rebuilding" phase and plan for further down the road if they deem it time to show Donovan & or Reid the door?

    5. Would Philly fans be willing to stand for such a rebuilding phase if the team decided to go that way?

    the more people that answer the better let's get as many opinions as possible from the fans down there as opposed to the freakin announcers who are all just suckin on Reids nuts.

  3. i wanted andy reid fired in 2002. and i love donny, so my answer may be skewed.

  4. maybe so, but i would think that you would atleast have a better reasoning for Reid being gone as opposed to the commentators who just keep saying over and over that you will not find a better coach out there right now then Reid. And i do remember you saying that you love Donny but you did talk like his time there is done and that he needs to move on in favor of getting a new body in there. do you still think this? or are you starting to think that with one or two player moves they can get back to the big show.? lay it all on me at least i'll be getting it from a fan with a working brain instead of the 3 wise men of broadcasters who get you nerves after the 1st 20 mins of the game

  5. if i had any idea on where this team is in the big scheme of things, i'd be a genius. they got killed by the ravens, lost to the bears, redskins, cowboys, and tied the bengals. then they manhandled the giants and won easily against the browns. no one knows dick about this team and if they say they do, they're lying.