Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Get Your Link On

Tonight, I'm going to see the Flyers take on the Islanders at the Wachovia Center, so get ready for some hockey tomorrow. Today, we gots the links.

-Last week, I gave Jay Wright some love. Sports Illustrated just did the same, via The700Level

-Monday night excitement. First, Steve Young got cracked in the face with a cup:

Then, Antonio Bryant made a sick catch:

-C-Webb and Vlade will have their numbers retired in Sacramento when Peja's Hornets are in town.

-Dwyane Wade is sick:

-Also, just a reminder, visit You Got Dunked On and Hip 2 Da Game to get your daily dunking fix and hip hop/sports updates, especially if you like Philly's own Freeway.

-Apparently, Patrick Ewing looks like his 22-year-old son, according to the NBA.

-Via The Angry T a funny sign:

-A little help for the Eagles: Chris Samuels is done for the year.

-HHR directs us to an informational post on how Allen Iverson's hairstyles reflect the news.

-Phillies are reportedly involved in a potential mutli-team trade involving Peavy … with the Phils getting Penn product Mark DeRosa and maybe Jason Marquis.

-Sam Carchidi and Ed Moran both chronicle the Flyers' struggles at even strength.

-What Andy Said, What Andy Meant.

-JoePa plans to be on the sidelines for the Rose Bowl.

Tonight, Villanova takes on Texas, and believe me, I'll be watching the second half once I get home from the Flyers game.