Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Am Annoyed By Everything

I have sat here quietly stewing for about a month now and I finally cannot take it anymore. Firstly, Andy Reid. Remember that time that Donovan McNabb was hurt and Jeff Garcia had to play quarterback and the team was really good for the rest of the year?

The reason the team was good was not because of Jeff Garcia. It was because you ran the ball a lot. You utilized all of your weapons and the wide receivers actually looked liked they worked harder to get open. Why can you not use that same kind of mentality when Donovan is the quarterback? This team could be so much better if you just watched tape of the end of that year and used that as a guide. It worked against the Cardinals. The offense had two good drives where you ran the ball effectively. It was amazing.

It has to be easier for the offensive lineman too, right? They are getting older and are a little banged up. What do you think is easier? Backing up and trying to block faster, younger ends, or blasting forward and hitting what is in front of you? Of course, on the third possession after dominating with the run, the offense threw three straight times and went three and out. But the offense opened up because you had balance. Donovan was better. Everyone was better. You are an idiot. Stop being a fucking idiot already.

USC. Fuck off. I could be wrong about all this, I really could. But Penn State is going to make a lot of fucking people eat their own words. Who did USC beat this year that makes you think they are even that good? Ohio St. at home without Beanie and in Pryor's second game? Notre Dame? They stink, absolutely stink. The only time Weiss was any good was when he was using Ty's guys. I'm saying they aren't impressing me. They lost to Oregon St. with a bye week to prepare for the game. This game is not going to be a blowout in USC's favor. You give Joe Pa a month to prepare that team, with those seniors. I would not be surprised to see Penn State take a dump on a lot of chests come January 1.

This leads me to Derrick Williams. It does not seem that long ago that he committed to Penn State as one of the top recruits in the nation. D Will chose Penn State as a senior in high school, a team he described as a "Sleeping Bear" at the time. And damn it, if he was not right. Along with the Immortal Michael Robinson and some damn good linebackers, i.e. Poz, Derrick woke the shit out of that bear. Four years later, at least three bowl wins and two Big Ten championships later he should be regarded in high esteem in Happy Valley.

From the moment he orally committed and gave us this quote, "I know a lot of people have been saying he's going to lose his job or he's going to retire, but that whole state is Joe Paterno state, and I encourage every recruit to come with me while we take this team to a national championship. I'll continue to work hard and give everything to Penn State because they've given everything to me." You had to love that guy.

Well the man never brought us that national championship, but it was never from his lack of effort. He really did give it his all, and during that Iowa game, he was doing everything in his power to win that game. You know this season has meant the world to him. From the moment he stepped on that field against Michigan St. and walked around the team during warm-ups, he was not letting them lose. He brought home one more Big Ten Championship, for Old State and Joe Pa. I can think of no better way for him to end his collegian career then by walking into the Rose Bowl and sending one last message to the nation. That sleeping bear's awake, and it turned out to be a roaring lion. HE CAN AND D WILL.

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  1. I appreciate the effort, I really do, even if I did write the exact same thing on both topics pretty much, but god damn Fred, you are fucking retarded. It takes me twice as long to edit one of your posts than it does to edit 15 things at work, I swear to god. Just try reading over what you write before hitting publish for fuck's sake.

    Oh, and D Will will