Tuesday, December 2, 2008

God Bless Sean Avery

Dude...anyone who brings "sloppy seconds" into the limelight of the national media has to be applauded. Disclaimer: Let it be said that Sean Avery belongs in football or basketball where his type of prima-donna douchebaggery is the norm, rather than hockey where yeoman's work is expected, not applauded. His stunt last year in New York was dishonorable at best, and Brett Hull has to be questioned for bringing him in. Did anyone see that fashion-centric piece that aired before the season started? This guy is weird as hell, and his tainted castoffs could easily have questions about his orientation, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Details aside, one of the funniest things I have ever seen is his comments today. Avery walked up to some cameras in Calgary, and volunteered some dismay about the "sloppy seconds" of his that other NHL players around the league are dipping into. Apparently some dude from Calgary is dating one of his ex'es, and she's on her 2nd NHL player post-Avery. The phrase that has been tossed around every group of guys worth their weight for years is now being bleeped out on news networks. Seriously, ESPN put (ex-girlfriends) in place of it on Sportscenter. AWESOME. And Gary Bettman is going to suspend him indefinitely? Gary, most of the nation is just realizing hockey still exists because of these comments! Run with it, man...Roger Goodell wishes this was the worst of his problems. Let alone the NBA...what did Shawn Kemp have, sloppy thirteenths? Jesus.


  1. sorry for the delay, however, i am personally offended you would put the name Shawn Kemp and Sean Avery anywhere near each other. Kemp is a man amongst men who just is out to spread his seed, repopulate the earth. Avery is looking like a straight up dag.

  2. i like that i'm seeing more hockey stuff on here. i was beginning to think this site was biased against hockey ha. Next the dude who is now parking his car in Elisha's spot is Dion Phaneuf who would easily break Avery in half in a fight anywhere anytime. I am now convinced that Sean has more than just a few screws loose. he must be the only guy in the league who has no friends anywhere and it doesn't seem to bother him. As much a i loved him here in NYC for that short time Glen Sather not resigning him was a good move, cause he is just talking himself right out the league. (Avery did get some nice broads though he's the NHL's Pimp.)

  3. Haha I concur Rev, I concur. Chris, definitely a good move not to have this clown on your team...but although he has had some nice women, pimp he is not...I believe he is quite ghey actually.