Monday, December 22, 2008

Peter King Should Get Hit by a Bus

Calling for the head of Joe Paterno is no way to make friends there, Peter King. Now, as KSK routinely points out, Peter King has no fucking clue about football. Today, Big Daddy Drew destroys King for his insistence that Penn State (and Penn State fans) should tell Paterno to step down:

Penn State is insane. A three-year contract extension for an 82-year-old coach who has had recent health problems? Why is there no one at this august institution who can tell a man whom the school isn’t positive can even STAND on the sideline every week that it’s time to step down? Can anyone who bleeds Nittany blue honestly tell me Paterno has the energy to out-recruit coaches 40 years his junior for the best football players in the country?

For real. It’s not like they went to the Rose Bowl this year. And it’s not like JoePa could just go hire talented people to go recruit for him while he remains an effective figurehead. Or like he helped build half of the school. STOP FOOLING YOURSELVES, YOU PEOPLE! HOW CAN ANYONE POSSIBLY LEAD WITHOUT THE POWER TO STAND?

Yes, how ever will Paterno land prized recruits? Fuck off, Peter King. My dog knows more about football than you.

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