Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Give this Guy a Hand

I'm not particularly fond of the Packers, but now that the overbearing Brett Favre isn't around, I harbor no ill will toward Green Bay. The fans are genuine, and Lambeau Field looks awesome. I'd love to go there sometime.

The Panthers, on the other hand, I despise, for the same reasons every Philadelphia Eagles fan despises them. Which brings me to Sunday. By the good graces of God, I have the NFL Ticket, which means I get to watch the Red Zone Channel all day on Sundays. It is a miracle from above, I tell you. And during the Packers-Panthers game, as DeAngelo Williams was destroying my fantasy team, I saw a Packers fan do something hilarious after a Williams touchdown. Thankfully, someone found the clip:

That is some great work by the Packers fan swatting that ball away. It was hilarious and awesome all at the same time. Well done, sir.

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